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Electric Smoker – A Modern Gadget For Traditional Cooking

Electric smokers are modern gadgets for an age-old tradition. Smoke cooking has been around for centuries but Americans are still hooked and fascinated with the flavorful aroma of smoked meat up to this day. proof? The fact that smokers are still very much in demand just like the ubiquitous grill. But modern living is not as compatible with this type of cooking at times because of the time and the attention it requires. The answer to this is the electric smoker.

Electric smokers still smoke food the traditional way – you still need hours on end to do the meat. You still use wood chips or sawdust for the flavor. And you still come up with great-tasting smoked products. But the difference lies in the fact that you need not ‘baby sit’ your smoker. You put in the meat, set the timer, thermometer and smoke gauge and leave it as it quietly smokes your food to perfection. This is a perfect solution for the cooks who like to throw in their food and forget about it until it’s ready. These user-friendly smokers simply need to be plugged into an electrical source to do their work, effectively removing all fire-tending duties from the smoking process.

With an electric smoker, you have absolute control over the temperature and therefore, the amount of smoke inside the chamber. These are crucial factors in the outcome of the cooking process. You will have the ability to reach a certain temperature and keep it at that throughout the smoking process if you want perfectly smoked foods.

Once you have set the temperature at the desired level, it will remain there until the smoking is completed. You need not go and check if the fire is still on or something like that. One of the great things about these electric smokers is that there is no tending required. Just plunk your seasoned product onto a rack, put a chunk or two of hardwood into the wood box, plug it in, turn it to the desired temperature, and walk away until it’s done.

This means that an electric smoker gives you the best of both worlds – the control over the smoking process and the convenience of just letting it be until it’s time to get the food out of the smoker.

An electric smoker works much like the other types – wood, charcoal or gas. The main difference among these types is the source of heat with which to create the smoke and cook the food. There is one disadvantage to an electric smoke in that they do not produce as much smoke as wood smokers do. This disadvantage is offset by the ability to use controlled heat that allows you to keep the same temperature for many hours at a time.

Obviously, an electric smoker uses electricity for its source of heat. Unless the source is switched off, your electric smoker will keep on producing the heat needed for the smoking process. It is actually the … Read More

Fun Little Cool Gadgets

Cool gadgets are all the rage these days. Everyone carries them along so as to have fun and amusement. These gadgets also enhance the convenience in our daily tasks and makes work easy. How? If you are working on your laptop and find that your coffee has become cold; you don’t have to get up, go to kitchen and put it in the microwave. Instead, you can simple restore its warmth with the help of a USB Coffee Warmer gadget that gets attached to your laptop and warms your coffee in seconds.

From Camcorders to cool gifts and toys, you can easily find amazing gadgets on the web these days. However, you need to make sure that you get them from a reliable website and your gadgets offer all the features you are looking for. For instance, some gadget lovers prefer small, compact devices while others would simply pick technological superiority over size and related factors. Therefore, it all depends on your requirements and needs.

In spite of the fact that cool gadgets are technologically useful, they have become more of an expression of fashion and trend. Yes, they keep getting introduced and people continue to replace and build-up huge collections of these accessories.

In essence, if you want to keep ahead of the changing times and trends in electronics, you shall never quit getting these cool gifts and toys and other electronic gadgets to enhance your living. Log on to the web and find the most appropriate website that sells affordable and superior-in-quality gadgets.… Read More

Top Ten Kitchen Tools and Gadgets!

Hello and thank you for reading my article.

Here we go my Top ten favorite kitchen tools I feel every cook should own!

1. A Cake Tester – When I am cooking I always have a cake tester on me and I use it almost as much as my knife. You can use a cake tester to tell if a steak or piece of fish is medium rare or well done, you can also use it to tell if something is hot inside such as a meatball or crabcake. I explain exactly how you do this on my website.

2. Tongs – Cooking without a pair of tongs and a towel in my hand is to me like being on a battlefield with no gun. The obvious use of tongs is great, can’t grill without tongs! With a pair of strong togs you can slide baking sheets closer to you so you are not sticking your arms in the oven. You can reach deep in the oven for something that may have fell, and one of my favorite things about togs is that you can gently place a piece of chicken in the oil for frying without splattering hot oil on you.

3. Knives – My Chef’s knife is by far the knife I use the most. I always say not to go buying an entire set of knives, instead invest in a nice Chef’s knife that will last you. You can use the top edge to crack lobster or crab, you can use the flat side to smash garlic or scoop up what you have chopped.,and unless your going to be fileting fish or butchering meat a bread knife and paring knife would be all you need. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a bread knife, in fact my favorite bread knife that I solely use(dexter-russel) is a 20$ knife. It has teeth, its sharp, it has a nice grip, and its solid what more can you ask for. A paring knife will cost no more then 10$ anything more your most likely paying for a name or being ripped off.

4. Peeler – My favorite and one and only peeler I use is a Kuhn Rikon. They are made of plastic and cost 2$, I usually pick up 2 or 3 of them. They are cheaply made but are sharp and do the job well. Peelers work great not only for peeling but for shaving things very thin such as parmesan, chocolate, carrots, or cucumbers.

5. Microplane – A microplane can grate hard cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, and even zest citrus fruits for all kinds of uses. The microplane creates beautiful grated parmigianno regianno on top of a caesar salad, pasta, or risotto. The citrus zest is also very presentable for a nice topping to a cheesecake or angel food cake. One of the other benefits of a microplane is it grates much finer then a normal grater can grater, it can also … Read More

Physical Security Of Laptops With Computer Locks

Laptops and computers attract thieves quite like magnets. From dishonest employees to cheap thugs to hi-fi robbers they find computers and laptops easily accessible and ether steal and run away after vandalizing the systems.

Over one million laptops are either lost or stolen every year approximately. While the FBI recovers a 2% of the lost or the stolen laptops, they are still clueless on the 300+ laptops they’d lost during the hearing of the 9/11 commission. The FBI must have lost information which is more valuable than the laptops themselves.

A majority of the laptop thefts are due to reckless misplacing alone. While you may have theft insurance for your expensive Apple iMac, you’d still hate to see your company’s business secrets and information reaching into the wrong hands. Do you?

Physical security of laptops and computers

While password locking does help to safeguard critical information reaching wrong people, physical security of computers should be top priority.

Is computer locks or laptop locks the best modes of physical security?

Computer lock or a laptop lock is the best way of securing system or laptop physically. Approximately, about the four-fifth of laptops available on the market comes with a Universal Security Slot (USS). The USS will facilitate the laptop to be attached to a laptop cable lock or even a laptop alarm.

No wonder determined thieves and bolt cutter experts will not stop at this, the laptop cable locks should deter the casual laptop lifters who’d be waiting to take advantage of you when you fall asleep at airport lobby or a hotel lounge.

While there are a variety of computer locks including cable locks to LCD monitor and desktop locks to Maclocks to iMac security locks, the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on purchasing any of these. The locks that secure single systems and laptops will be in the $30-50 range and those that secure many laptops at a time such as carts fall in the $100 through $1000 (high end will be the feature-rich portable mini classroom like laptop carts)

Most of the computer locks are usually available at regular office stores or these days at several online stores. If you purchase from an online store, you have certain advantages; check and look at the variety of designs and specifications then make selection that suits your requirement and then look for best deals or offers around that otherwise you have no choice to play with if you opt to buy from an offline store.

Consider and check for quality of the cable as well as quality of the computer lock; ask for replacement warranty and ask if the lock facilitates locking of computer and laptop peripherals too.… Read More

Top 7 High-Tech Cameras to Watch Out For in 2019

Let’s face it- Camera is one of the most important devices you need to capture memorable moments and make them alive for the lifetime. Be it a birthday, a leisure trip, or any other occasion, the first thing you need is a Camera to capture beautiful pictures and videos.

Perhaps, with so many types of cameras available, it is hard to choose the right one that meets your needs and budget. So, in this post, we are going to talk about 7 cameras 2019 has to offer. So, let’s dive in…

Canon EOS 80 D

Canon is one of the leading brands when we talk about quality cameras. The EOS 80 D by Canon is a responsive, versatile and powerful camera that gives life to your creativity. It features low-light, street, travel, sports and portraiture photography along with movie making. With 24.2 Mega Pixels it ensures high-quality picture and movie recording.

Also, the Cross-type 45-point AF that focuses and tracks the subject when it is in frame. The Canon EOS 80 D comes with Dual Pixel CMOS AF that allows you to enjoy smooth continues focusing when shooting for live videos. The Flicker Detection makes sure steady exposure and color when shooting regular bursts under flickering lights

Nikon Z7- Mirror-less Reinvented Camera

Another top-notch camera in the list is the Nikon Z7. Awarded as a High-end Camera of the year 2018, it is more than just a mirrorless camera. Bringing vision into life, this advanced camera by Nikon comes with a revolutionary full-frame lens mount and lightweight mirrorless design.

It is designed with a 45.7 MP image sensor along with seamless integration with the DSLR system of the Nikon. The eye sensor switches between the monitor and the displays viewfinder automatically. The interchangeable lenses are a plus point.

Speaking about the quality it offers 46.89 million pixels and 45.7 effective pixels. Compatible with Z mount NIKKO Lenses, F mount NIKKOR lenses with mount adapter, this is easy to operate the camera by Nikon with Hybrid phase detection/contrast AF with AF assist autofocus system.

FujiFilm X- T3- An Unbeatable Performance Cam

When looking for the top camera brands available, FujiFilm is definitely not to be missed. The new X-T3 looks as the same as the Fujifilm X-T2, but with advanced and improved features. The improved autofocus, brand new sensor and video performance make it one of its own kind.

Its still camera is excellent when it comes to the best video/still hybrids in the market. The features like viewfinder, auto-focus, movie recording and more can leave anyone stunned with its performance. Along with these, it features X-Trans™* CMOS 4 & X-Processor 4, Weather resistant structure and 4K/60P 10-bit recording. The 26.1 million pixels for excellent for movie recording and capturing pictures.

Panasonic LX100 11

The Panasonic LX 100 11 is one of the brilliant and much awaited compact cameras with killer features like sports shooters speed, resolution for commercial photographers and more. Featuring a large Micro four/thirds sensor, which is a … Read More