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Nokia 6110 Navigator – The 3G Gadget with a Stunning Look & Best Features

The Nokia 6110 Navigator is a sleek gadget which is available in two shades ie black and white. The appearance of this phone is very soothing to the eyes. Weighing only 125 grams, the handset is 101 mm x 49 mm x 20 mm in size. This handy gadget comes with 40 MB of user memory, 64 MB of SDRAM, and expandable memory. Hence, you can store all the desired content on it without worrying for space. Moreover, you can store virtually as many contacts as you want in your Navigator phone. The phone is capable of storing call records up to 30 days. Hence you can check the call records anytime during the month. Furthermore, the display is great with support for approximately 16 million colors and size of 2.2″.

The 6110 comes with a preinstalled 2 mega pixel camera in it. Enjoy shooting the pictures or recording video footages whenever you see something interesting, store it in your Navigator and watch later with friends, family or alone for fun. The 6110 provides you with the joy of talking and at the same time seeing the people, as the handset comes with 3G video call feature integrated in it. Listen to your favorite tunes just anywhere and at any moment you want, as this handset comes equipped with an FM Radio & music player features in it. The playback is also superb for both audio files and video files.

You get seamless Bluetooth and USB connectivity with this Nokia handset. This 3G phone also provides you with the joy of internet surfing without accessing your laptop or computer every time. The handset comes with a WAP 2.0/xHTML web browser to let you do web surfing, email checking and more. Data download and transfer speed is faster with this EDGE technology enabled phone. There are lots of other stunning features in this handset that make it the first choice among the mobile phone users today. For instance, you can enjoy SMSing, MMSing , and Instant Messaging with this feature rich gadget. Everything that can be wished for from a 3G mobile phone is present in this absolutely stunning gadget.… Read More

Career Prospects of Hardware Engineers

Computers have become an inseparable part of our life. Nearly in all walks of life, we make optimum use of computers in different ways. The computer, which makes calculation easy, operation & storage of data simple, runs on hardware which needs to be properly configured in order to run the system efficiently. It is the job of a computer hardware to ensure that all parts of a computer work efficiently. The main objective of hardware experts is to research, design, develop, analyze and test different computer components.

A computer is made up of different components, of which each part has its own distinct function. A working day in the life of a hardware engineer includes analyzing different prototypes on the basis of theoretical models. As more and more domains are making use of computers, therefore, there is a need of hardware updating and maintenance. As a result, this field is likely to expand in size along with the expansion of computer and different computing devices.

These engineers are required to work in labs, offices, industrial units, etc. There are few other engineers who work on the production site and are involved in the on-site problems. Those hardware engineers who impart services to the public should directly hold a license. The internet world is changing, and therefore, to survive & thrive in this field, it is important for computer hardware professionals to keep themselves updated about the latest technologies.

Education requirements

To become a computer hardware engineer, you should at least possess a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. There are various institutes which are offering hardware and networking courses. Also, graduates with electrical and electronic engineering are also eligible to pursue the course. Bachelor’s degrees can help you to enter into the sector, however, to find a hardware job in large companies, the job aspirant should possess a master’s degree in computer engineering. Another crucial criteria for selection is the work experience, which can give you an added benefit during the interview.

Apart from degree courses, one can also opt for the vocational courses that take anywhere between one year or less than that.

Top hardware colleges/institutes in India are-

1 = All IITs

2 = Regional engineering college, Durgapur

3 = Zakir Hussain College of engineering and technology, Aligarh

4 = Sardar Vallabhai Regional College of Engineering and technology, Surat.

5 = Indian Institute of Hardware Technology, Noida

6 = Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani

7 = Jetking Computer Hardware and Networking Institute

Requisite skills to become a computer hardware engineer and find a good hardware job

To build a career in the hardware sector, you need to have creative and analytic abilities, as a lot of work in this sector involves analyzing and understanding inconsistencies and flaws. Students interested to become computer hardware engineers should possess programming skills. These engineers need to communicate technical reports and problems to the client, therefore, it is crucial to possess excellent communication skills.

Moreover, the knock of understanding of applications and different tools … Read More