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Computer Security Tips – How Can You Choose the Right Protection for Your Home PC or Business?

Should you invest in a comprehensive computer security program or do free antivirus and anti-malware tools provide enough protection? A lot of experts these days really recommend all-inclusive protection, as the free tools can only protect you so much. Plus, they usually come with annoying ads and slow the system down.

The good news is that most Pro security suites are available as a free trial, so you can try them out before deciding whether or not it would be worth it to make the purchase.

If you’re a business user, you’ll definitely need more than a free antivirus product. You’ll need good firewall protection, ransomware protection, server security, endpoint protection, internet gateway protection, data encryption, and so forth. The ideal security solution will offer management and troubleshooting assistance whenever your company needs it.

For home users, the best solution is somewhere in the middle. Free antivirus programs usually aren’t enough and business-level security is too much. You’ll need protection for social media, email and web threats. A good computer security solution should include a module that will protect you from websites with malicious content. It’s always better to deal with viruses and malware in the browser than to have to eliminate it when it reaches the computer.

If you do most or all of your finances online and love to shop at online stores, financial protection is an essential feature of a computer security program. Keep your money, bank details, address, and other private information safe and protected at all times, so that you can make financial transactions with multiple layers of protection.

User-Friendliness as Part of Computer Security Programs

Another important consideration is user-friendliness. Users should be able to manage their security from anywhere through their account. All of the configuration options should be presented in a straightforward manner. There should be no problems navigating through the interface. Computer security will be a waste of money if you can’t even figure out how to use it. If there is any setting you do not understand, there should be presentation available that will explain what it’s for and how it can be used.

While many users are beginners and trust in the default settings, there are some who want complete control of the configuration. An ideal program will offer both ease-of-use for less experienced users and the ability to control the configurations with more advanced users.

Read computer security product reviews by other users AND independent lab testing companies to get an idea of ​​how both the average user and experts view it. One company in particular that gets a lot of high ratings by organizations like AV-Comparatives and AV-TESTS is Kaspersky. The company offers total security solutions and affordable antivirus subscriptions for home users and businesses of all sizes.

Use Kaspersky Lab coupons on the product you think will be best suited for your needs, whether you have business security requirements or simply need extra layers of protection for your home PC. Since there are so many positive … Read More

Computer Science: It Is Not Programming But Problem Solving

I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to do one of my favorite hobbies in the past two years, and that is teaching. I have had the opportunity of teaching several different topics in the field of computer science, from introductory courses to upper division courses, and I have seen a pattern along the students which has been a puzzle for me especially in the upper division classes.

One of the main surprising facts I have noticed, is that most of the students have little or no practical experience in software development, especially in the upper division classes. That is, they have not been given enough opportunity to do hands on projects to improve and fine tune their programming skills in the lower division classes, and when they take courses such as Software Engineering, most of them don’t have the ability to create a fully functional system from the ground up.

Now I can understand if this is the first year for the student and they are just starting out and getting to know their first computer language and all of the tools and environments that are available to them. And it is also understandable that there are different levels of students with different levels of skill sets and motivation. But to be in an upper division course and still be uncomfortable with the basics is a little frightening for me.

What I also noticed and honestly surprised me, is that most of the students who are just starting out in the computer science curriculum don’t have a clue of what computer science is all about. Now maybe this is an unfair statement, you may argue that they are still elements or undecided, but I think that is not the case. If you are in a science or engineering curriculum, then there are certain things that are critical for the student to know, like a good foundation is mathematics and physics.

Again maybe, the issue is how we prepared our youth in their earlier years of life.

For instance, as part of the computer science curriculum, the students are required to take a course in Software Engineering. I am not going to discuss what software engineering is, but to enlighten you, here is a description from Wikipedia: Software engineering (SE) is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software. The term software engineering first appeared in the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference and was meant to provoke thought regarding the perceived “software crisis” at the time. Software development, a much used and more generic term, does not necessarily subsum the engineering paradigm.

In such a class, the students is expected to have a good understanding of at least one programming language such as JAVA, C#, C++ and etc… as well as a good understanding of Object-Oriented Methodology and Design. On top of the programming skills, the … Read More

Emerging Technology

Does our future hold Flying Space Ships, Technology that talks back to us or robotics that steal jobs from humans? Personally I think our future looks bright and full of surprising technologies as we move closer and closer to the year 2020. Robots, improved Communication tools, and I even read somewhere we may even be playing video games using our own brain waves according to the University of Washington. Researchers are working on finding new and improved wireless technologies and there has been rumors that they are designing battery free wireless devices. How amazing would that be? Something that I see becoming very popular and up and coming will be the wearable devices. I certainly think so! To add, A Queen’s University researcher has created a Star Trek-like human-scale 3-D videoconferencing pod that allows people in different locations to video conference as if they were standing in front of each other and Parisian researchers have developed a 3D navigation system for the blind using a pair of glasses equipped with cameras and sensors like those used in robot exploration. Wouldn’t this be incredible? On another note, Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a more efficient data transmission approach that can boost the amount of data the networks can transmit by 20 to 80 percent while Rice, Penn State researchers laced carbon nanotubes with boron to create reusable oil- soaking sponges that show promise for environmental cleanup, among many uses.

So we have talked about many of these amazing devices now what about the vehicles of the future? What do you see coming? Have you heard about the new Lamborghini’s limited edition $4.3 million Veneno? Unveiled just this past March the 750 hp, AWD carbon fiber super car was met with much acclaim, and criticism, both for its outlandish design (even for a Lamborghini)If you want to take it a step further you can take a ride on the newest public transportation vehicle The Japanese regional railway JR Kyushu has become the first company in Japan to build a luxury sleeper cruise train, spending close to 3 billion yen (US$29.9 million). The Seven Stars cruise train comes equipped with the latest motion control technology, 14 luxury guest rooms, two deluxe suites, three presidential suites, a lounge car, dining car and bar.

All of these emerging technologies are exciting and definitely worth the money. But who will be able to afford these technologies when they become realty or when they are incorporated into our everyday lives? I think the answer here is we will have to wait and see! What ideas do you have for our future?… Read More

A Few Tips On Buying Good Memory Cards And Other Hi-Tech Electronic Accessories

If you have ever tried shopping for memory cards you know how difficult it can be especially if you don’t know much about them! Here are some basic tips to help you buy the best memory card that suits your needs.

Know the formats

There are many different formats available in the market as far as memory cards are concerned. Having knowledge about these is critical before you start shopping otherwise you risk buying a memory card which might be incompatible with your PC, digital camera or other host device.

SD Cards are a highly secure stamp-sized digital camera memory card, which weighs approximately two grams. Brands available include Sandisk, Toshiba, Kingston and Lexar. SD Cards can be used in a variety of digital devices, including mobile phones, digital music players, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, car navigation systems and electronic books. SD Cards have cryptographic security for copyrighted data based on proven security concepts from DVD Audio.

SDHC Cards are the next generation of SD cards but offer increased capacities (4GB – 32GB) and faster transfer speeds of up to 6MB per second (Class 6). These memory cards are primarily designed to be used in digital camcorders and digital cameras. However, their large capacity does allow them to be used in many other devices for additional storage, such as the new Asus eePC and other laptops.

Mini SD: This is available in sizes ranging from 1GB, 2GB and even 4 GB. They are compatible with all smart phone devices with a Mini SD or SD Card (with SD adapter) slot and even digital cameras.

Micro SD: These are even smaller than mini SD cards. They range in capacity from 512MB to 2GB and are the most common form of mobile phone memory due to their compact size. They can be used as an SD card if inserted into an SD card adapter, giving you versatility to use them in digital cameras and other memory card devices.

Micro SDHC: These cards are the next generation of Micro SD cards but offer much higher capacities, from 4GB – 32GB, and faster transfer speeds up to 6MB per second (Class 6). They will be use in next generation mobile phones to cope with capacity hungry files, such as MPEG4 and MP3.

USB Readers: You will most likely require a USB reader for accessing data on your memory card. Today’s PCs often come with readers installed as standard so that you can insert as many as 5-6 cards at a time. This enables good compatibility with digital camera memory card formats.

Compact Flash: These are cheap compared to many other types of memory card, readily available and can be used with several different devices. Using integrated ATA controllers these memory cards enable file management, I/O, error correction functionality etc. Traditionally Compact Flash cards have been favored by Professional Photographers as they are available in various capacities and have a very high file transfer rate. To enable many photos … Read More

Data Science in India

As far as data science is concerned, there is huge scope in this industry in India. According to a 2018 estimate, the number of vacancies hit 2.9 million. Experts are hopeful that the demand will continue to rise down the road. And companies will hire more data scientists in the future.

India is the hub of IT and software industry. The degradation of conventional IT positions because of automation brought a revolution in India. This is the age of data and it requires professionals to adopt new changes for better sustainability. Read on to find out more.

Data Science: A lucrative Career of the Future

The data science field is quickly emerging in India. Many startups are focusing on relevant technologies. And most of them have adopted the new changes. So, the scope in this field is quite impressive in India. This offers a great opportunity for those students are already into this field of science.

Here, it’s important to keep in mind that DS has a steep curve of learning, which consists of many underlying disciplines, such as computer science, statistics and mathematics. So, if you want to become a scientist, make sure you try your best to become proficient in this field.

Importance of Maths and Statistics

Since this is a new field, most people don’t have the required expertise. Unlike the US, India is far behind in this sector. Therefore, most people don’t have degrees in data science. Instead, they own degrees in other fields, such as mathematics or computer science.

Since there are not enough data scientists, companies are always looking for more of these professionals. Many startups have emerged in the country that are looking for these experts.

According to a recent survey reports released by The Hindi, there are around 97,000 vacant positions for data analytics in India. Over the past year, the rise of these companies has caused a sharp rise of more than 40% in the jobs.

Data Science Demands a High Salary

In India, there is a great gap between the supply and demand of these experts. The discrepancy is due to the lack of supply of these pros in differnet industries. Aside from this, the steep curve of learning has contributed to a great boost in the income of data scientists.

Therefore, these scientists are earning much more money than their counterparts in other IT positions. For instance, a good professional In India earns an annual salary of â650,000. And the good thing is that this is more than the national average for professionals in other fields, such as software engineers.


Long story short, India has an enormous scope for data scientists. You may have read about the factors that are increasing the demand for these pros in India. Therefore, If you are looking to get data science training, we suggest that you choose a good institute for this purpose. This will ensure you get the required skills and training to become an expert in this field. Hope this … Read More