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How to Stop Malware From Harming Your Computer – Remove Malware Tips !

If you want to know how to stop malware, this article can help! Has your computer been acting weird lately? Don’t get mad – get even! Know that frequent error messages, sluggish running speeds, excessive pop-ups, massive spam emails, phishing attempts, hoax alerts, loss of data and other strange behavior are all clear signs of infections from malware.

Malware is a blend of two words: malicious and software. It is software specifically designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without your knowledge or consent. It is commonly referred to as a computer virus because it contaminates your computer with programs that come in many different forms such as dishonest adware, Trojan horses, spyware, worms, viruses and crimeware.

Not just annoying anymore, malware is the most common pathway for criminals straight to you via the Internet. According to research done by F-Secure, a global leader in providing internet security, the odds are high this year that you will be a victim of identity theft, one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada and the United States.

Now that we know what’s out there – we don’t have to take it anymore! Here are some self-defense tips so that you can avoid being at the mercy of all those dirty tricks and the fear and frustration they cause us.

Prepare a Plan: Think about how and you use the internet. How many computers do you use? Does each computer have protection from malware? Did you know sometimes it’s necessary to install and use more than one product?

Arm Yourself: Ensure that you have updated Internet security software installed on your computer. You can purchase security programs for your computer but there are also excellent free virus protection and malware removal programs available online.

Resist Temptation: Don’t fall for pop-up ads that promise free money or products! Don’t click on any pop-up ads that tell you your computer is infected. Don’t click on links in emails. Delete any attachments from unknown senders. Be skeptical and don’t download free screensavers, books and programs – they usually come with strings attached.

Strike back: If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, immediately stop all your shopping, banking and other online activities that involve user names, passwords and other sensitive personal information and run a complete scan on your computer. Turn off your wireless adapter when you’re not using it. Back up important files and encrypt personal information. Choose passwords easy enough for you to remember that can’t be easily figured out by other people. Change your passwords frequently.

Twist the screw: Block pop-ups. Install a Firewall. Keep your operating system updated. Scan your computer daily. Create a “throw-away” email to use for registrations, forums and purchases. When you register on a website, find the privacy policy section so that you can block unwanted emails.

Use common sense: Even with all these fabulous protection programs installed on your computer, it’s still possible that you will be attacked by new forms of malware. Some malware … Read More

The LG KF600 – Makes Watching Videos An Exciting Affair

The LG KF600 is an ultimate gadget that is designed well and fitted with the latest technological innovations. Some of its sophisticated features are a 3.15 MP camera, a FM radio and a MP3 player. The handset works on 2G networks and is GSM enabled.

Made with a dimension of 101.2 x 50.7 x 14.1 mm, the gadget weighs 107 gms. The handset is light and can be carried to places while undertaking a tour. The display screen is great for watching videos and playing games. So, one can remain entertained by watching videos and playing of fascinating games. The screen can give a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and support 256 K colours. The mobile can therefore display all the colors of the images and icons on the screen. The handset’s capability to store files is good due to its 25 MB internal memory.

Entertainment in the phone is exalted with options such as music player. The player can play on formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+. Now the user can listen to his favorite songs while using the camera of the gadget to capture sharp pictures. The same camera can also record videos that can be watched on the TFT screen of the device. Videos can be watched for long hours as the battery standby time is 480 hrs and the talktime is 4 hr. The gadget has built in handsfree and can be used to download ringtones and games.

The LG KF600 Venus has good connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB. These options allow people to share files with others. Bluetooth is an excellent means of transferring files wirelessly. The USB is the port through which one can transfer files using cords to other devices. Messaging services such as email allows file transfers from on gadget to another. There are also other messaging options such as MMS and SMS. These options allow people to send pictures, videos and texts.… Read More

Get Gadget Insurance So You Do Not Have To Be Without Your Beloved Gadget For Very Long

Today, almost every person owns multiple gadgets, from laptops, mobile phones and cameras to eBooks, tablets, music players and GPS devices. While most of these devices provide trouble-free service for several years, it is the portable nature of these gadgets that can make them particularly vulnerable to damage, theft or loss when taken out and about. The only way you can protect yourself against the loss is to insure your gadget.

Think about it this way – if your gadget was damaged or stolen would you be able to stay without it for any length of time? If you are going to be devastated should something happen to your gadget it is a sure sign that you need to get gadget insurance.

Aren’t gadgets included in home insurance?

Not necessarily. There are a few home contents insurance policies that cover gadgets too but all don’t. If you are already paying premium for your home contents insurance, take time to read through the clauses carefully to see what is insured as well as the extent of protection you are likely to get.

If your gadget is not covered under your home contents insurance you should consider getting separate gadget insurance.

A good gadget insurance policy protects you against accidental and liquid damage, theft and loss and more.

How to Choose an Insurance Company That’s Right For You

Choosing the right insurance company should be top of your list when you are looking for gadget insurance. Without the proper due diligence you could end up with an insurance company that has a reputation for bad customer service.

Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing an insurance company for your gadget insurance:

• Is the company FCA regulated – If a company is FCA regulated it means that they operate to very high standards and are completely reliable. Insurance companies that are not FCA regulated may not be above board. That is not a chance you should be willing to make.

• Check the company’s rating – You can check the rating of any company today by using either a free or paid service. The ratings will give you a pretty good idea about the efficiency and trustworthiness of the company.

• Does the insurance company have a physical address – Having a physical address gives the customer confidence that there are real people operating the company and these people can be approached when necessary. When a company operates entirely through the internet without a physical address, who do you go to if you are looking for the answer to a question or if you need something to help you resolve a problem?

• Does the company have a plan that meets your needs? Each insurance company will have its own unique range of insurance plans. It is important to take your time and compare plans so you choose one that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Gadget insurance is highly recommended if you own one … Read More

Wavefront LASIK Surgery – How it Differs From Conventional LASIK

First, what’s in common?

Wavefront LASIK (also called Custom LASIK), and traditional LASIK both:

· Use an excimer laser

· Create a tiny flap on the corneal surface to expose the underlying tissue to be worked on

· Modify the shape of the cornea by vaporizing tiny pieces that were impairing your vision

· Are extremely precise

Advantages of Wavefront (Custom) LASIK

It provides particularly precise information on how your vision is impaired. Custom LASIK measures each eye with a special laser, using wavefront technology, and creates a 3-D map of the eye. This is translated by the Wavefront system into mathematical information that’s used to guide the laser in correcting the problems.

Two types of vision problems

1. Lower order aberrations – nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

These are refractive errors and are correctable by traditional LASIK surgery.

2. Higher order aberrations (HOA) – halos around lights, impaired night vision, starbursts etc.

These are not refractive errors and not correctable by traditional LASIK, but can be measured and corrected by Wavefront LASIK.

The HOAs are sometimes created by traditional LASIK, and although there are still some who argue that Wavefront LASIK can also create them, most refractive surgeons agree that it’s much less likely to create them than traditional LASIK.

About 75% of refractive surgeons now use Custom LASIK.

Amount vs. quality of vision

Amount – A person with 20/20 vision is said to have perfect eyesight. That’s an assessment of the person’s AMOUNT of vision, or how MUCH he sees. Impairment of our amount of vision is brought about by lower order aberrations.

Quality – How WELL we see is determined by the presence or absence of higher order aberrations. So if we have impaired contrast sensitivity and can’t see very well at night, or we have glare and halos around lights, these defects can be both measured and treated by Wavefront LASIK.

The Wavefront LASIK procedure

· The eye surgeon sends a light ray into your eye

The light is reflected back off the retina (interior surface of the back of the eye, like the film in a camera) to the Wavefront system

· The system arranges this modified light into a pattern of all your vision aberrations, lower and higher

· It displays this pattern on its computer monitor as a 3-D map of each eye, the wavefront map

· When your eye surgeon applies the laser treatment to your eyes, he uses this same information to guide the laser.

Unique to you

This all results in a vision remedy that’s unique to you. Unlike glasses and contact lenses, which are remedies that come according to prescriptions that millions of other people also have, this treatment is entirely customized. That’s another way of saying that it’s extremely precise, so precise that nobody else would benefit from it. They’d all have their own 3-D maps.

Pre-testing with traditional LASIK

Before traditional LASIK, there are also tests done to pinpoint the corneal problems.

They’re done using a variety of … Read More

Can Computer Monitor Radiation Cause Cancer

Many computer users needlessly scare themselves about unwarranted fears that their monitors and computer hardware are slowly killing them. The truth, however, is that you will not contract cancer by being exposed to the radiation given off your computer monitor. Neither will you become infertile or suffer from any other debilitating or terminal disease.

Radiation is almost always associated with a negative connotation, but this thinking is based on low awareness. We are exposed to radiation everyday. By definition, radiation is any energy that travels from a source. Light, as well as heat and sound, are types of radiation. In fact, we get a generous serving of ultraviolet radiation every morning from the sun.

Our computer monitors and other electronic devices with screens, such as televisions and mobile phones, give off a certain type of radiation known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). If you care to know, the fluorescent light bulb emits more EMR than our computer screens.

The idea that radiation from computer monitors can cause cancer dates back to the early 1990s when leading publications and journals disseminated poorly-researched studies that claimed this was the case. As you may well expect, a certain type of panic ensued among the masses. The public began to question not only the safety of computer hardware, but all the effects of other EMR-emitting devices.

To control the situation, carefully conducted research studies were conducted and the false claims were finally discredited. By that time, however, the computer myth that monitors cause cancer was firmly inculcated into many people’s minds.

It is high time we bust this myth! EMR from your CRT or LCD monitor will not adversely affect our health. These computer hardware are harmless and should not be viewed in fear.

Sitting all day in front of your computer is not good for you for reasons other than cancer-causing radiation. Without exercise, you are predisposing yourself to health problems. In this way, your computer can be the death of you. But you will most certainly not die of EMR.… Read More