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Computer Drafting Jobs for Felons – 7 Tips to Help Ex Felons Find Jobs In Computer Drafting

Computer drafting jobs for felons come with many benefits. Felony jobs in this industry are available. With the economic hardship that we are currently going through this is one type of job that is thriving. With the right knowledge and skill set you can attain high paying computer drafting job for felons.

When mistakes are made and a felony occurs, it is often difficult to find employment as this will usually show up on the background search that is done before the job is offered. Computer drafting does work for many felons as there are always companies that hire felons looking for part time and freelance computer drafting. There are some excellent methods that can be used in order to start a new and rewarding career that will also provide redemption for those who need to turn their lives around. Computer drafting jobs for felons can be found and the skill set that is required is often perfect for those who are in need of a second chance.

There are many rewarding benefits to be found when embarking upon computer drafting jobs for felons. The first step that must be taken in order to find employment is to obtain the computer drafting degree. Although it is quite easy for those with a felony on their record to work towards obtaining the degree, it can sometimes be a bit more challenging to find an employer that is willing to give the second chance that is needed. Working hard to obtain the degree and showing off the extent of the drafting and design skills will likely cause any employer to realize that applicant should not be overlooked.

With a little extra hard work, the rewards of a redeeming career are plentiful. Being able to use the skill set of putting ideas down onto paper in the form of sketches and engineering specifications, is the main concept of computer drafting jobs for felons, but knowing that the ideas are being put to good use is very rewarding. Since the computer drafting degree will almost always lead to a fair paying entry-level job, many of those who were once convicted felons will find that they are able to start a new life on their own in a reasonable amount of time.

Although the biggest concern for the felon is how they are going to make it on their own, there are many great places to get started in the redemption process. While it may take a little bit more time to obtain employment than others who are searching, all it will take is a little time working to prove that the skill set is one that should not be disregarded because of past mistakes. Once the hurdles are overcome in the application process, a rewarding and well-paying career can be found.

Computer drafting jobs for felons is a viable option for many as you do not always have to have a formal degree. Freelance work is a plus as there are not many companies … Read More

Online Computer Networking Course Options

The use of computer networks is directly connected to keeping today’s technology up to date and current. Students that enter an online educational program in computer networking will complete numerous courses that teach them how to be successful in the profession. Online colleges offer a variety of courses to students when they enroll in a degree program.

Professionals conduct a variety of tasks that involve connecting computers together by their networks. In order to do this, trained individual’s work to design, maintain, repair, and support the vital networks of a business, organization, and Internet. Training to become a computer networking professional starts when students enroll in a program. Students that choose to work through an online training option will find that courses center on teaching students how to get computers to share information with each other in a protected and positive way. Major areas of study that are offered online include:

  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Network Management
  • Network Support
  • Network Systems

Courses integrated into these majors are completed in programs from the certificate to bachelor’s level of education. With the field becoming more complex, more graduate degree courses are available to dedicated students or working professionals that want to advance inside the field.

Some online courses that may be taken inside a program include:

*Communication Networks

Students study Internet procedures and how data communicates inside a network. Local and wide area networks are studied in conjunction with what technology is used to connect them. This overview of the field gives students the knowledge to design and manage multimedia networks. Security and data flow is also covered.

*Network Engineering

Communication between networks only works with the proper engineering. Digital communication is studied in regards to how receivers and channel models are designed and used. Encoding and source coding is also taught to round out the knowledge of students taking this type of course.

*Network Troubleshooting

In order to maintain the proper connection between computers, professionals have to constantly make sure that networks are working correctly. The process of troubleshooting is learned as students gain the knowledge of repair and maintenance.

*Database Systems

The construction of databases is explored and students learn how different connections are made. Implementing and troubleshooting databases is also covered to ensure workability and to guarantee information on a computer is protected. Students in this type of course learn different operating systems in order to properly fulfill learning requirements.

Data security, information security, and Linux operation are some other courses that are included inside a computer networking degree. Online education provides students with an in depth understanding of their chosen field. Many careers are available to students that complete an accredited educational program, such as becoming a network administrator and support specialist. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges ( ) to schools and colleges that offer a quality education to students. Begin online training and enter a computer networking career.

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Computer Engineering

Are you passionate about technology? Do you like solving problems? Do you have a deep ambition to create something new and change the world? If you answered yes to these questions, computer engineering is the career path for you. This article is all about this branch of engineering and its scope. So, keep reading!

Unlike its hardware counterpart (Electronics and Communication Engineering), computer engineering focuses completely on software. Throughout their four years of university education, students of this field learn about the general design, creation, and maintenance of system as well as application software. With a deep focus on software algorithms and coding, this branch of engineering is certainly challenging and fun if you have a deep interest in, and passion for, computers.

Why study computer engineering?

This field can indeed be a very fruitful one for those who know their way around it. Here are some reasons why:

1. Financial Security:

There are records of computer engineers finding jobs in companies as large as Microsoft and Google. There are also professionals of this field who earn thousands of dollars every month working freelance. Moreover, there is a widely held belief that computer engineering students are the quickest in getting a job as soon as they finish their university education. Furthermore, the chances of finding a part time job or internship even during one’s university days is very high as compared to other branches of engineering.

2. Self-employment:

If you are one of those people who don’t like working for others and want to be self-employed, no other field comes even close to offering the sort of self-employment opportunities that IT professionals get. From making money by blogging, to creating websites for business owners; from providing billing software for schools, to selling useful apps for mobiles, these are all opportunities that a capable professional can get after or even before getting a degree.

3. Job Satisfaction:

Most computer engineering students will tell you that they can’t even imagine studying anything else. This is because most students who choose this field choose it because of their deep passion for the world of software and technology. Being able to work in the field that one has passion for is a gratifying experience in itself. Moreover, when a piece of software that you created changes the way a person worked, and makes that person’s life a little bit better, it is the most satisfying moment of a computer engineer’s life.

4. Values ​​to society:

This is the age of technology. Today technology has entered every facet of day to day life. It is no longer possible to imagine the world without technology. IT professionals play a great role in the innovation and progress of modern technology. The technological progress of a country and the contribution of the country to the global technological phenomenon depends almost entirely on the computer professionals there. So, when one considers the big picture, computer engineers are a very important pillar of the modern society.

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Open Source Computer Forensics Investigations

The world of computer forensics — like all things computer — is rapidly developing and changing. While commercial investigative software packages exist, such as EnCase by Guidance Software and FTK by AccessData, there are other software platforms which offer a solution for obtaining computer forensic results. Unlike the two aforementioned packages, these open sources alternatives do not cost hundreds of dollars — they are free to download, distribute and use under various open source licenses.

Computer Forensics is the process of obtaining information from a computer system. This information may be obtained from a live system (one that is up and running) or a system which has been shut down. The process typically involves taking steps to obtain a copy, or an image of the target system (often times an image of the hard drive is obtained, but in the case of a “live” system, this can even be the other memory areas of the computer).

After making an exact “image” or copy of the target, in which the copy is verified by “checksum” processes, the computer specialist can begin to examine and obtain a wide range of data. This copy is obtained through write protected means to preserve the integrity of the original evidence. Information like pictures, videos, documents, browsing history, email addresses, and phone numbers are just some of the information (or evidence if being collected for possible court purposes), which can often be obtained. Even deleted elements are often retrievable.

Some of the open source packages available for free download include SANs SIFT (SANS Investigative Forensic Toolkit), DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit), and CAINE (Computer Aided Investigative Environment) bootable CD’s. These powerful packages are built upon a Linux Ubuntu windows type (graphical environment) operating system and feature dozens of tools, with each disk containing many of the same open source tools, offering similar capabilities. Some of these tools are The Sleuth Kit (a complete platform in and of itself), Photorec (great for recovering all sorts of deleted files), Scalpel (another deleted file recovery tool), Bulk Extractor (bulk email and URL extraction tool), Chntpw (a utility to reset the password of any user that has a valid local account on a Windows NT/2k/XP/Vista/7/8 system), Gparted (a partition editor for creating, reorganizing, and deleting disk partitions), and Log2timeline (a timeline generation tool).

So if you have an interest in things technical, download one of these disks and start becoming a computer sleuth today.… Read More

When it Comes to Computer Security, Are You Protected?

Computer security is one area that should not be compromised. With cyber crimes becoming more and more common, you have to ensure that your computer is fully protected with the best security out there.

You should think about how many personal things can be found on your personal computer. If someone gains access to this computer, they will also gain access to all of this personal information. Your entire personal and financial stability could crumble in a matter of an instant if you do not protect your computer.

When you are looking for computer security, you may want to do some research to make sure that you are getting everything you personally need. You will want to find out exactly what you need to be the safest, and you may want to shop around to ensure that you are getting the best deal. You may also want to remember that all of the security is not made equally and you will want to investigate each security program you are interested in thoroughly, before you make a decision.

You should be able to find security on the internet. You may also want to go to a computer store and purchase your security this way, but many websites offer a download that will automatically place this software on your computer and you pay by credit card.

Computer security is one area you should never compromise. Your life can be ruined by a hacker in a matter of minutes, and you can prevent this by taking care of your computer and the information you have stored on it.… Read More