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Telecom Consultant: How to Become One

A telecom consultant is a professional who specializes and works in the telecommunications industry and is responsible to help companies select telephone, video services and data communications equipment needed in their business. They are normally hired in a project-based manner; this position is also known as telecommunications specialist when hired full-time by telecommunications companies. People who are blessed to work in this position are responsible for reducing the expenditures of the company and creating cost-effective telecommunication systems. Telecom consultants also provide recommendations to assist companies in managing costs and are also responsible to update the systems when latest equipments become available in the market.

Job description

Most companies looking for telecom consultants are from the fields of manufacturing, insurance, and banking. The services that these consultants provide become much more important once clients adapt the need to send and receive overseas information related to their business. Normally in this situation, a company hires professionals to assemble and work on complicated telephone networks, video terminals, facsimile equipments, and computers that can transmit paperwork and voices overseas. A telecom consultant is also expected to be knowledgeable in advancements in telecommunications system equipments and is able to identify a business’ changing nature and also be able to relate it to technology available at hand. They must also possess a certain expertise in order to solve specific internal problems and can also come-up with new initiatives in handling these problems.

How to become one

Possessing a university degree in telecommunications engineering, economics, and business engineering can help you bag the position of becoming a telecom consultant. When applying for the job, having a master’s degree is also an advantage and good resume information. Having a few years of experience that involves internal projects and initiatives is also an edge. Companies are also quick to hire candidates with technical training given the fact that there is currently a shortage in finding competent consultants. Engineering and computer science majors are also preferred for the job. Also, another quick way of landing the job is by having marketing and sales experience in related industries.

Job Advancement Possibilities

Because of the boom in the technology, job opportunities for these professional gets better as more and more companies are seeking the services of telecom consulting firms. Individuals who are qualified particularly in product design and research can move up the ladder and become project or department heads. They can also be given the chance to move into management. Individuals who specialize in marketing and sales can also move up to management positions. And those given a much greater opportunity can open their own consulting business. Because related industries are continually expanding, employment outlook is seen in a positive way as companies continue to search for competent telecom specialists.… Read More

Mercury and the Computer

The planet Mercury has its abode in Houses Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is Mercury’s positive swakshetra; Virgo being its negative house. Mercury is exalted in 15 deg. Virgo. Mercury represents all that is quick, grasping, knowledge, arrangement, alignment, maintenance etc. On the higher pedestal, he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is being assigned the work of maintenance of this world; whereas the work of creation to Lord Brahma and the work of destruction to Lord Shiva. Mercury represents computers.

Aptly Lord Vishnu himself must be a super big computer to look after the task of maintenance the world or all the worlds. Mercury representing computer derives power from Moon. Moon is the power giver to all the planets. Even though Mercury is considered as enemy of Moon, the Moon is not the enemy of Mercury. The power required for a computer comes from electricity. Without the electricity, there is no Computer. This electricity is generated from Hydro source. The Hydro source represents Moon. If the source of electricity is Thermal, then it is Sun is the source doing the job for and on behalf of Moon. The Sun and Moon bestow their powers on Mercury.

Mercury is intelligence. Software of computers; Whereas the Mars is the hardware, representing engineering. maintainer of perfection ; Buddha& Buddha; Mercury is telecommunications ; Yet Mercury is child ; Childish. Afflictions to Mercury indicate child-hood difficulties such as speech defects, separation from parents. Yet the child full of capabilities. He is the child of the father. Sriramachandra when he was child cried for Moon to be caught in his hand. Mercury is a child of Moon.

While the house Gemini being Mercury’s positive swakshetra, all the energy of Mercury is exerted, manipulated and spent in the work of maintenance. The house Virgo is the negative ; Gathers power and stores. The exclusive and characteristic power of Mercury is represented by Virgo in its healing power, as the Greek Demi god Centaur. Mercury has its exaltation upto 15th deg, Moolatrikona at (16-20) deg and the last 10 deg as swakshetra. Thus Mercury has three types of qualities in Virgo.

For worshiping Mercury, the seed mantra is ” Om, Aim, Bum Budhaya namha:”. The deity is Lord Vishnu. He is best worshipped and pleased through Lord Lakshmi Narasihma or Sita , Lakshmana Hanumatsameta Kodanda Rama. Offer Sri Tulasi mala to the deity of Lakshmi Narasihma or Kodanda Rama; Offer Lotus flowers to Sita Mata or Lakshmi; and then fruits to Lord Hanuman, starting the pooja on a First Wednesday of Shukla paksha. Continue the pooja for five Wednwesdays.

You will see miracles in your life. If the Mercury is in difficult houses in a birth chart, aspected by malefics, then wear Mercury Yantra, On Wednesday of starting of Pooja as above mentioned. Do not wear gem stones such as Green Emerald or any others, if the Mercury is in difficult houses or aspected by malefics. This tends to increase the difficulties. The famous and legendary … Read More

Fabrication Services and the Importance of Automated Production Systems

Since the Industrial Revolution, high-volume fabrication has been a defining element of high-capacity production environments, but means of fabrication have changed significantly over the past century. Today, producers of home goods, foods and beverages, clothing, and other bulk products use computer-controlled machines that automate production. Compared to non-automated fabrication services, automated ones offer manufacturers the following benefits:

  • The ability to reduce waste by eliminating human error.
  • The company’s bottom line is improved by increased production.
  • Potential to reduce payroll by employing fewer machinists.
  • The ability to produce identical pieces over long production runs.

To realize these benefits, a manufacturer who has not automated the production line, or needs to upgrade an automated line that features obsolete technology, should turn to a supplier of automation services. Depending on what is produced and the machinery that is needed to produce it, the manufacturer may implement some of the following types of automation technologies, among others:

Pick and Place System

A pick and place system (aka surface mount technology (SMT) component placement system) is a robotic machine that mounts surface mount devices (SMDs) such as capacitors and resistors onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). Companies that produce electrical or computerized products with SMDs that contain PCBs are wise to invest in a Pick and Place System that automates a crucial phase of the production process: mounting PCBs onto SMBs.

Thread Pitch Measurement

A thread pitch measurement system analyzes the thread quality on parts such as drink lids and threaded parts that assemble. The system moves parts under two high-resolution digital cameras on a conveyor. Backlighting through the conveyor reveals the threading to the cameras. If the cameras detect threading that contains the right pitch, the piece is moved forward in the production line. If the threading has the wrong pitch, the piece is diverted to a rejection bin. Acquiring a thread pitch measurement system from a provider of automated services helps a manufacturer fine tune its fabrication services, and prevent recalcitrant products from reaching end users.

Pressure Test Station

A pressure test station lets manufacturers test various types of injection-molded parts for leaks. When parts such as valves, syringes, and fluid reservoirs in machines are not airtight, they may cause leaks that damage equipment, prevent important processes from occurring, or even jeopardize human life. If a company produces injection-molded parts that must remain sealed under a certain amount of pressure, testing them with a pressure test station is essential.

Machine Vision System

A machine vision system uses camera applications to assess the characteristics of materials and products, such as the presence of defects, spacing between crucial features, the quality of thread bearings, including the length, height, and width. Machine vision systems can be combined with other machine systems to improve production quality and expedite production.


Automated fabrication services are responsible for producing many of the products that define modernity, such as automobiles, pre-packaged food, and retail clothing. To help produce them, manufacturers often consult with a provider of automation services to acquire components … Read More

Computer Memory and Behavior Explained

As with anything known to man, computers are not without their quirks. It seems sometimes that computers almost plan to confuse and frustrated users as there are so many things that could be creating the strange behavior we see. Add to that the multiple forms of memory and the behaviors of each which may choose to exhibit rather strange and unwanted behavior at opportune times, and you have the mixture for a thoroughly confounding experience.

However, there is no need to panic. Computer memory has a class of characteristics that are unique to it and that can help us further understand why it sometimes acts like it does. These characteristics consist of volatility, mutability, accessibility, and addressability. Throw in capacity and performance, and the mix isn’t that hard to decipher. Armed with this knowledge, we can understand computer memory and assist it in performing better for us.

Some terms we need to understand before we decide that the computer is just acting weird and needs to be replaced follow. Usually, the computer’s tendency to eat our documents and torment us with inoperable operations is only the fault of not understanding the abilities of the types of memories or that there is more than one type even among named memories we know, such as RAM and ROM.

Volatility has two poles-that which is volatile and that which is not volatile. The only difference is in what the memory can do if there is a power interruption to the computer. Non-volatile memory will retain our work even without electricity. This type of memory strives to make us happy by saving our work and favorite computer programs for later use.

Volatile memory would be called temperamental if compared to how we ourselves work. Another way of looking at this type of memory is to think of it as the emotions of the computer. Just as we are fickle in our emotions, so are computers. This type of memory must have a constant power source in order not to retain its work. If the power vanishes, so does the volatile memory. It likes a good charge.

Dynamic and static memory forms are usually associated with RAM. Both forms are volatile and require a constant power source, but dynamic memory refreshes periodically. Static memory does not refresh, which makes it a useful, but not as popular an option as dynamic memory.

Mutability is the ability of computer memory to read and write storage and comes in the form of immutable and mutable memory types. Mutable storage can be overwritten more than once and is necessary for a computer to be useful for many of the tasks users want to do with the computer. This type of memory is used for both secondary and primary storage purposes. Among the specific types of mutable storage and memory is ROM. It is the mutable and immutable storage types that are responsible for doing operations such as writing CDs, DVDs, and other similar functions.

Accessibility is found in both … Read More

Tips For Faster Reading From the Computer Screen

Many of us work with a computer all day long and it is usual that you read far more texts from the computer screen than from paper. Can you apply speed reading techniques for reading from computer? Yes, you can as on the general the speed reading techniques are applicable both reading from computer or book. However there exist some differences and you will benefit in case of reading from the computer screen if you will apply the following tips.

In case of reading from the computer then you may have an advantage of processing the text and making it easier to read. It means that you can change the way the text is shown on the screen. The first thing you should look for is adjusting the text in a way that there are two columns on a page. When the text is broken into two narrow columns then you can read it faster in comparison to an ordinary single broad-columned text. So, when it is possible then convert the text to a two column format.

Next, you could make changes is the font and its size. Many texts, especially MS Word documents are written in Times New Roman font, but this is not the best for speed reading. Test results have proved that texts in Arial font could be read at faster speed. Therefore if possible change the text to Arial font.

A typical 12 point text is not the best solution for fast reading. If your near vision is normal then you will benefit from decreasing the font size as in that way your field of vision will cover more text. Still, you should avoid making the font size too small as if you read it then your eyes will get tired after some time and this will decrease your reading speed. 9pt Arial is the best font for speed reading from the computer screen.

The distance you sit from the computer also matters. If you are reading from the computer then your eyes should be bit more far from the text than in comparison to reading from paper. It should be 50 cm (20 inches) or more. In any case you have to feel comfortable when reading from that distance. If you want to read faster then you should rather read the text from a greater than a shorter distance to have more text in your field of vision.

Proper light conditions are also important. If you are reading from computer screen then there should be enough background light in your room. If you are sitting behind your computer in a dark room, then there is a big contrast between the screen and the background, which will cause your eyes to get tired fast and it will slow down your reading speed. In addition, you have to avoid direct sunlight on your computer screen as it will make reading difficult.

You may use the cursor for keeping track while reading from computer screen. Place it on … Read More