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Top Reasons Why Your Computer Might Be Running Slow

The internet has become a major factor in today’s generation. Almost everything can now be done with the internet. The World Wide Web allows easy and convenient ways to communicate allowing you to socialize, find a job or new business opportunity, study conveniently from your home, and a lot more. Due to these many benefits a lot of people own computers to they can take advantage of all the above listed activities and more! The demands from your computer system are increasing by the year which results in the need to have a fast computer. If you have owned your system for a while then you might have noticed it slowing down, not to worry as we will go over the causes and fixes of a slow computer right now.

There are circumstances that might create problems in your computer and in return will affect your daily routine, which is a major pain that everyone wants to avoid. One problem that a lot of computer user had experience is slow speed computer performance. There are lots of reasons why a system might be running a lot slower than when you first purchased the PC and listed below are some of the many causes.

Unnecessary Startup Programs

Every computer contains numerous programs which automatically run whenever you start your computer. Some of them are useful while some are not required as soon as you start up your system. Unnecessary programs that continuously run on your system can lead to poor speed and performance of your system. However, you can get rid of those programs by customizing your startup system. All you need to do is to use MSCONFIG and remove all unnecessary programs running at startup.

System Errors

There are times that a system error occurs without you knowing it and your PC will try to fix it on its own. Once this problem occurs you can only wonder what’s wrong with your computer. To avoid this trouble, it is highly recommended to always do a regular maintenance to your drives. By using the built in Check Disk tool on your system you will be able to determine if your computer has a system error, even if it was not presented to you. Check Disk will scan you drives and fix any threats or problems.

Unwanted Files or Junk Files

This is another problem that can cause your system to run a lot slower than when you initially got it. Keeping some files that do not have any value to you anymore will only waste your hard drive space. So, it is best to check all your folders for useless files and delete them to free up some computer space. This new empty space will allow you to access the files you need in a quicker and more responsive manner.


There are different types of malicious programs that can affect your PC like viral infections, different types of spyware, Trojans, worms, etc. These programs can slow down your computer speed … Read More

Artificial Intelligence: The New Player in Technology

Artificial intelligence means stimulating human intelligence in machines by programming them to think and act like humans. It also refers to machines that can perform actions like a human brain like problem-solving. It should be able to rationalize and perform actions to achieve a specific goal. It includes machine learning, whereby computer programs automatically learn and adapt to changing data without human intervention. Deep learning enables these machines to automatically learn by absorbing data like images, text, and videos.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is divided into weak and strong intelligence. Systems with weak intelligence are capable of performing only one task at a time. Personal assistants like Alexa and Siri fall under this category.

Systems with strong are complex, complicated, and can carry out tasks like humans. They are programmed in a manner to handle situations without any human interference.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence has applications across sectors and industries. Tests are conducted with AI in the healthcare sector, where they are tasked with dosing patients with drugs and conducting surgeries in the operation theatre. Self-driving cars are becoming a massive hit in recent times. Driven by AI, these cars have to decide on their actions as the results depend on their actions. The computer systems of these self-driving cars have to consider the external data and act accordingly to avoid a collision.

Another industry where artificial intelligence is present is the banking and financial industry. It is used to help the banks’ fraud detection departments by flagging suspicious activities like unusual debit card transactions and large deposits. It makes it easier to estimate the demand and supply of securities, which helps make trading easy.

Speech recognition is the capability to process human speech into a written format using Natural Learning Process. It is incorporated as the voice input feature in numerous mobile devices. Online chatbots are Replacing human correspondents in the customer care industry by letting users choose the problem they are facing for the chatbot to understand, then it provides answers based on its understanding of the user’s problems. Computer vision is an AI technology where computers can derive information from images, text among others, and act based on this information. With convolutional neural networks it is used in photo tagging, radiology imaging, and many other industries.

AI algorithms can discover data trends that can be used in cross-selling strategies using past consumer behavior data patterns. Add-ons at the end of the checkout process also rely on AI algorithms.

Why study Artificial Intelligence?

Studying AI prepares one to become a software engineer interested in the research of neural networks, quantum artificial intelligence, and human-machine interfaces. People can also work as software engineers for companies by creating recommendation lists for shopping and processing vast data sets. An education in AI opens up the opportunity to become a hardware engineer who develops robots for home assistance or electronic parking assistants. AI as a field did not exist ten years ago and is continuously growing even today. AI … Read More

Popularity of Golf: Technology & Region Expansion Leading to Demand for Golf Apparel

Golf is steadily shedding its elite status, as a new demographic of consumers is introduced to the sport. Today, golf continues to witness active participation from people across all ages in different parts of the world. The rising popularity of the sport has led to an increase in the number of international sporting events organized across the globe — Golf’s Ryder Cup scheduled to be held in France this year is a case in point. The increasing popularity of this sport has not only translated into a bigger TV audience for international sporting events, but has also pushed up sales of merchandising and golf equipment. Of particular significance has been the spurt in sales of golf apparel, with many brands broadening their range of offerings to cater for evolving demand.

Advent of ‘Footgolf’ Likely to Introduce a New Consumer Segment to the Market

As golf is becoming a popular sport in various countries of Europe, playing footgolf has been witnessed as a recent trend among amateur golf enthusiasts. International government organizations such as FIFG (The Federation for International Footgolf) are taking various initiatives to organize global golf tourism and international sport events such as FIFG World Cup. Increasing participation of professional players in these events is likely to influence new players to take up this sport at a professional level – this in turn is likely to translate into increasing spending on apparel and equipment.

Technology Advancements to Underscore Lucrative Growth Opportunities

Emerging technological developments has led to significant transformations in the golf sports. In order to offer apparel that boosts performance, the manufacturers are focusing on manufacturing leisure golf clothing that is equipped with features that maximize comfort and flexibility while playing. In addition to golf clothing apparel, manufacturers are also focusing on integrating advanced features and designs in golf equipment to enhance the performance of the players. Leading manufacturers are opting for soft plastic casing, with multiply layers covering the golf ball that will allow ideal swing of the ball. The broader developments in terms of incorporation of innovative technology in golf apparel and equipment are likely to improve well for the prospects of the global golf apparel market.

Steadily Growing Popularity of Golf Among Women: A Potential Opportunity for Manufacturers

A recent trend witnessed is the increasing participation of the women golf players in various international golf sports. International sports organizations are taking initiatives in order to encourage women for participating in this sport. In addition, these organizations are also establishing golf sport events at the global level for women, such as One-Day International events. As more women are actively participating in golf sport events, manufacturers are focusing on creating women-centric products. It is highly likely that women golf apparel will become a staple in the product offerings of leading brands in the future.

Production of Golf Apparel to Boost Employment

Increasing production of golf apparel for the local, state-level, and international golf players is creating employment opportunities in both developed and developing countries. The increasing popularity … Read More

Threats From Spyware

Do you get annoyed with the banner ads displaying on your computer while browsing the internet? This banner ads are displayed thanks to a software called spyware. To some this banner ads do not bother them at all, but in the background (they banner ads) makes one’s computer slow. Then there are spyware that changes your browsing capability, by redirecting your searches, thus controlling the results ‘you see. This is just the start, there are spyware that alters your registry, making your computer hijacked by some hacker.

Spyware are also employed by online fraudsters for identity theft. This software has the capability to gather all the user information such as banking password, credit card information, PIN# etc…, and are designed for capturing your banking information, and runs only when you visit a banking site, and monitors all the information that you type in. They are also designed to use modem to make use of dial up connection long distance calls, leaving the poor user to pay the bills.

The first line of defense against spyware is the firewall. Firewall acts as a vanguard against any potential threat coming to you or to your family while they are on the internet. Firewall stops hackers, intruders, and online predators to penetrate inside your computer, thus acting as a barrier between your family and the internet. Though there are spyware available that changes ones firewall settings and intelligent enough that when you try to remove it, they stop you doing it.

All the above mentioned threats are real, they can not only make ones system unusable (though that’s not its primary intent), but also takes ones computer resource, gathers all the information about one, such as users surfing habits, credit card and banking information . They Are If are also used heavily by hackers and crackers to perform their devious crime against your name namely identity theft.… Read More

Sony Ericsson W910i – The Perfect Handset For the Music Enthusiasts

The Sony Ericsson W910i gadget weighs approximately 86 grams and it has dimensions of 99.5 mm x 50 mm x 12.5 mm. Its stylish looks add more zing to its well-designed casing. This smart device comes supported with UMTS and Quad Band technology which works on frequencies such as GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900. This gadget further comes with 2.4 inches of TFT color screen display that further supports multiple 262 thousand colors along with a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

The standard battery of this smart looking device provides up to 9 hours of talk time and up to 400 hours of standby time. The in-built memory of this gadget is 40 MB and the external memory of this widget can be expanded further by using a microSD memory card. One can also remain in touch with others by sending them SMS, MMS, E-mail and instant messages via this handset. The Access net front Web browser and RSS feeds feature of this widget would permit the users to access hi-speed Internet facility anytime anywhere.

This widget comes featured with Bluetooth wireless technology and a USB port. So, the users of this mobile phone can easily share pictures and important documents with other compatible devices. The Sony Ericsson W910i mobile phone comes embedded with 2 mega pixels camera that would really fascinate the user of this handset with high-quality video clips and photos. The camera option would also help the users to capture beautiful memories of your life. The camera of this amazing gadget has many additional features too such as cyber-Shot Mode, photo fix, photo blogging, Video-Recorder and Video Player and much more. The 2.5x Digital Zoom feature would further allow the users to click the images of far away objects too at ease.

The Walkman music player option of this stunning phone supports all the popular music file formats such as MP3 ring tones, Midi, WMA, ACC, and Polyphonic Ring tones. The music player of this awesome gadget further comes featured with Track ID, SensMe, Play-Now, Mega Bass and Shake Control features. This handset also has an integrated FM radio option which has the ability to support RDS applications. This unbeatable gadget even comes preloaded with Java games which has the potential to create interest and enthusiasm among the gamers. This handset also has the feature of sound recorder, in which the users can record their favorite music tracks and beats or even their own voice without any hassles.

The Sony Ericsson W910i gadget also has other features like an organizer with the help of which people can organize things that they have to do daily. There is a Phone book, a clock, an alarm, calculator and a calendar. The users can also track the details of the missed calls, received calls and dialed calls in the call recorder option of this device. This handset further comes preloaded with high end Java games which can create interest and enthusiasm, while playing. There … Read More