5 Things to Avoid Doing With Your Vision Board

Anyone can cut and paste pictures onto a board, but very few people know what to do to actually materialize the dreams and goals they have chosen to put on their Vision Boards. Even fewer people know when they are “off track” or when their board is actually working against them.

How can a Vision Board, also known as a Treasure Map, Goal Board or Dream Board actually work against someone? Its easier than you might realize. Ever since the secret DVD bust onto the scene a few years ago people are practicing the “law of attraction.”

The law of attraction simply put is “like attracts likes.” Psychologists explain that what you focus on expands… therefore many people assume that all they have to do is imagine and visualize the result they want, think positively and “presso” the results we desire will magically appear in our lives. For some (around 5%) that is exactly how it happens, but for the rest of us we have to do a little more and be careful not to use the “law of attraction” in reverse, meaning attracting what we don’t want .

Below are the top 5 things to avoid when you want to manifest your dreams and goals using a visual tool such as a vision board;

1. Don’t believe it can happen.

The first thing you must ask yourself is…. Is this really possible for me? Can I believe that I deserve it? In order to attract and manifest your dreams you really must believe that it can happen for you. You must have that deep inner knowing and burning desire to achieve and have that goal. And truly believe that, it’s not a matter of IF only…WHEN?

2. Don’t take action.

For some, their vision board will sit on the wall, the mirror, the fridge or even be hidden away in a closet…and again for around 5% of people, just because they have created their board, given their written goals and dreams a visual counterpart, it will be enough and their goals materialize, a little like magic! Actually, its not magic, it has a logical explanation but its more fun to think of it as magic! For the rest of us, we are going to have to do something to help the Vision board work for us. For some, it will be doing a daily visualization practice, for others, creating a strategic plan of action. There are many personal development techniques that you can use that will help speed up the attainment of your dreams. Doing a daily practice is the key, its developing a new habit (or habits) that supports you in the journey towards your success.

3. Listen to others negativity.

Attitudes are catchy. People have the ability to influence others and there is an old saying “birds of a feather flock together.” So make sure if you cannot surround yourself with upbeat, positively focused people, that you at least protect yourself from the rampant negativity that is out there. Have you noticed there are no “good news” newspapers? Bad news sells for some reason…

4. Expect it all to go “smoothly” in a straight line.

This is the source of many shattered dreams and broken new years resolutions. When the going gets a little tough and the person doesn’t understand that in order to accomplish a dream or goal, there may be some learning or stumbling blocks along the way. Be open to the challenges and with them some growing pains. It will be worth it to achieve your dreams.

5. Doing it for someone else.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers.

This is huge in our society…. so many people are giving up their own dreams and compromising to placate or please others. You have a journey, a reason for being here, get in touch with what you truly desire. Create your vision board and make sure that when you look at it… You Love It!

© 2012 Barbara Pellegrino. All Rights Reserved.