Is Cloud Computing Here to Stay?

CEOs, IT managers, and business owners alike are all rushing to jump head-first into cloud computing. In fact, the shift to cloud-based systems has been so swift that some are starting to wonder whether it’s actually a revolutionary way of managing IT, or just a fad that’s expected.

Although there certainly is a danger in following the crowd to sudden conclusions, there are hundreds of reasons to think that cloud-based systems are here to stay – and that you should be investigating it if you haven’t already made the change. That’s because, by freeing your company up from the need to continually buy new hardware and software, cloud computing makes your business more profitable and efficient at the same time.

Consider these three things you get from making the switch to a cloud computing plan:

Systems are cheaper. Like managed services agreements, cloud-based systems allow you to trade big, unpredictable hardware and software expenses for a regular monthly invoice that doesn’t change over time. As wonderful as that consistency is, however, it also brings huge savings. That’s because cloud computing is, on average, more than 50% less expensive than keeping traditional hardware and software is.

Safer. One thing business owners and executives have trouble understanding about cloud computing is how their company’s data can actually be more secure when it’s outside their own office or facility. To see why, they have to understand that a state-of-the-art cloud computing facility has trained technicians on staff 24/7/365, security personnel on the premises, backup power and industrial-grade surge protection, along with continuous save points to ensure the data is never lost. What’s more, your data will be transmitted securely back and forth. Put all of those elements together, and it’s much, much safer than it would be in most offices.

More convenient. While businesses typically make the switch to cloud computing based on cost savings, you shouldn’t overlook the gains in convenience and productivity that come to you, as well. By moving your applications and data into the shared space, you gain the ability to have your employees communicate with each other (and work on the same files) in real time. That means fewer e-mails, phone calls, and long meetings. In other words, the cloud saves you a lot of time and money, even if you didn’t expect it to. Best of all, switching to cloud computing can be quick and painless!… Read More

Effective Way of Teaching Bioinformatics to Undergraduates

Bioinformatics is a new and emerging field that utilizes computer technology to manage and analyze biological information. The use of bioinformatics is a shift from the traditional research methods where laboratories were used. Bioinformatics uses computational approaches and skills to solve biological questions (Neumann 2006). The bioinformatics approach is mainly used in studying molecular and cell biology. The use of bioinformatics in the contemporary classrooms is inevitable, thus the teachers need to include this approach in biology classes. There are several effective methods that can be used to teach bioinformatics to undergraduates as will be discussed below.

The first method proposed by (Parke 2013) is the use of high performance computing (HPC) which involves the use of high performance or fast computers to solve scientific or biological problems. An example of a High Performance Computing (HPC) system is the XSEDE that is used for computing and data sharing. HPC is important in teaching bioinformatics because it increases the capacity of collecting Big Data and the data needs to be analyzed accurately and fast. Bioinformatics involves the analysis of large amounts of data that cannot be accomplished with ordinary computing.

In identifying the most appropriate bioinformatics teaching strategy, it is important to know the level of knowledge of the students. Introducing bioinformatics to students requires the use of customized tools and databases that are taught by teacher assistants in a real-time bioinformatics lab (Neumann 2006). For more advanced undergraduate students, more complex tools and databases such as Student Workbench (, which is a web-based tool used to analyze molecular data, can be utilized.

Students, just like scientists and researchers, are users of bioinformatics. The users not only need to be introduced to bioinformatics but also need continuous training to keep them updated with the evolving technology. (Schneider 2010) proposes the use of a comprehensive bioinformatics training that satisfies the range of student interests and learning objectives (2). The training proposed by Schneider et al. is valuable because it integrates the challenges in training such as differences in trainee backgrounds and lack of materials, and provides the necessary solutions to these challenges. (Wood and Gebhardt 2013) propose a different type of training: the European Learning Laboratory is for Life Sciences (ELLS) LearningLAB which enables the exchange of new information locally and internationally, which in turn helps students to access real-life biological data and get exposed to contemporary research methods (4).

Form and Lewitter proposed the use of inquiry-based learning in teaching bioinformatics that involve solving real-world problems with modern skills (1). Inquiry based learning involves the use of questions and scenarios instead of presenting facts to the students, this helps the students learn the subject in their own way. The authors propose rules of teaching bioinformatics that include empowering students, addressing different learning styles and linking activities to pre-existing science curricula.

Students prefer computer based learning compared to traditional learning and they find learning bioinformatics more interesting when working in pairs or groups (Machluf 2016). Even though the students find it more … Read More

Improve Eyesight Naturally With This Simple Eye Exercise Most People Do Wrong

There are ways to improve eyesight naturally by doing simple eye exercises. The problem is most people do not know of these exercises. Here is a simple exercise and how to do it the right way so that you will improve your eyesight naturally.

To improve your eyesight naturally you must do five things: exercise your eyes in the proper way, eat the right types of food, drink plenty of water, keep the alcohol drinking to a moderate level (if at all) and get the right amount of sleep. If you are having vision problems look first at these areas. If there is one that is out of line, correct it and your vision will very likely start to improve.

Before starting any type of exercise program make sure you consult with a physician because they know you best and will advise on what is best for your particular situation.

If may or may not come as a surprise to you that it is very possible to restore or improve vision through the proper exercise. Though not all vision problems will respond to exercise positively-many problems do.

It is a well known fact that the right kind of exercise can have very positive effects on the body. The eyes are no different, however, how many people do you know that exercise their eyes regularly?

One of the biggest problems for our eyes is that during the day they get no rest. That is a lot to ask of any body part. They are put under extreme and constant stress especially if the person works at the computer a lot, like most people do.

Here is a good exercise. It is called palming and should be done a few times per day if your schedule allows.

To do this exercise, try to be seated in a quiet place without distractions. The idea here is that you are going to rest your eyes in a manner that can be very revitalizing. Rub your hands together until they become warm. Now cover your eyes without closing them. Closing your eyes often is done too tight and adds to the stress. Cover your eyes in a manner so that no light gets through. It should be completely black. Now think of a pleasant vision. Keep your eyes covered and allow them to rest for several minutes. Now gradually expose them to the light again. Try this several times per day and see how your vision improves.

Another thing that can be done to improve eyesight is to eliminate objects or tools you use on a daily basis that can cause eye strain.

If you work at a computer for long hours that can be a problem. You can get a bigger screen and that will help. You can make the font of the letters bigger and that will help lessen how much you have to strain to see.… Read More

Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science

Computer engineering, as the name suggests, is related to the engineering of your system hardware. It includes the designing of computer hardware and devices. It is derived from the science of computing such that it is the practical application of the computing science principles. It also includes some principles of electrical engineering. In short this engineering is based on the laws of computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics and physics.

The main subjects dealt in this engineering include display engineering, multimedia computations, image and speech processing, networking, pattern recognition, computer perception and sensors, VLSI systems, robotics, computer architecture etc.

Display engineering deals with the display mechanisms of a system. Multimedia computing includes the handling of all kinds of data like the textual data, sounds, voice or audio, still images, animated images, video and more. It involves encryption, coding and decoding etc. Image and speech processing methods are used to deal with the processing of multimedia in a secure way. Networking of computers is a vast field that takes care of all the networking operations such as assembling network units, establishing connections, configuring them, initiating communication and data transfer and so on. It also handles designing and implementation of vast distributed computing networks that includes LAN, MAN and WAN. Pattern recognition and computer sensors are used for information security. Robotics is a practical application of artificial intelligence. Very Large Scale Integrated systems are a study to design microelectronic devices. Architectures from these take care of the designing of hardware and software for optimal results.

Continuing with our computer engineering vs computer science, we are now going to move on to the science, which on the other hand is the study of methods, principles and laws for handling of information. It also lays the theories for designing and implementing them. The science subject leads to the subject of engineering.

The main subjects that come under computer science are artificial intelligence, computer architecture, software systems, numerical methods, algorithms, theory of computations, computer graphics, networking protocols, databases, operating systems, simulation and modeling, parallel computations and software engineering.

Artificial intelligence is an area that is concerned with the intelligent behavior in machines or software. Computer architecture explains the science behind the designing and construction of computer hardware and software for effective and efficient working. Software systems deal with programming languages, programming environments, operating systems, interpreters, compilers etc. Algorithms and theory of computations are used to develop programs that produce effective, efficient and optimal results and solve the computer problems. To conclude, we can say that the computer science is a subject that is mostly studied by scientists while on the other hand, computer engineering is a subject that is studied by the engineers.… Read More

Mercury and the Computer

The planet Mercury has its abode in Houses Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is Mercury’s positive swakshetra; Virgo being its negative house. Mercury is exalted in 15 deg. Virgo. Mercury represents all that is quick, grasping, knowledge, arrangement, alignment, maintenance etc. On the higher pedestal, he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is being assigned the work of maintenance of this world; whereas the work of creation to Lord Brahma and the work of destruction to Lord Shiva. Mercury represents computers.

Aptly Lord Vishnu himself must be a super big computer to look after the task of maintenance the world or all the worlds. Mercury representing computer derives power from Moon. Moon is the power giver to all the planets. Even though Mercury is considered as enemy of Moon, the Moon is not the enemy of Mercury. The power required for a computer comes from electricity. Without the electricity, there is no Computer. This electricity is generated from Hydro source. The Hydro source represents Moon. If the source of electricity is Thermal, then it is Sun is the source doing the job for and on behalf of Moon. The Sun and Moon bestow their powers on Mercury.

Mercury is intelligence. Software of computers; Whereas the Mars is the hardware, representing engineering. maintainer of perfection ; Buddha& Buddha; Mercury is telecommunications ; Yet Mercury is child ; Childish. Afflictions to Mercury indicate child-hood difficulties such as speech defects, separation from parents. Yet the child full of capabilities. He is the child of the father. Sriramachandra when he was child cried for Moon to be caught in his hand. Mercury is a child of Moon.

While the house Gemini being Mercury’s positive swakshetra, all the energy of Mercury is exerted, manipulated and spent in the work of maintenance. The house Virgo is the negative ; Gathers power and stores. The exclusive and characteristic power of Mercury is represented by Virgo in its healing power, as the Greek Demi god Centaur. Mercury has its exaltation upto 15th deg, Moolatrikona at (16-20) deg and the last 10 deg as swakshetra. Thus Mercury has three types of qualities in Virgo.

For worshiping Mercury, the seed mantra is ” Om, Aim, Bum Budhaya namha:”. The deity is Lord Vishnu. He is best worshipped and pleased through Lord Lakshmi Narasihma or Sita , Lakshmana Hanumatsameta Kodanda Rama. Offer Sri Tulasi mala to the deity of Lakshmi Narasihma or Kodanda Rama; Offer Lotus flowers to Sita Mata or Lakshmi; and then fruits to Lord Hanuman, starting the pooja on a First Wednesday of Shukla paksha. Continue the pooja for five Wednwesdays.

You will see miracles in your life. If the Mercury is in difficult houses in a birth chart, aspected by malefics, then wear Mercury Yantra, On Wednesday of starting of Pooja as above mentioned. Do not wear gem stones such as Green Emerald or any others, if the Mercury is in difficult houses or aspected by malefics. This tends to increase the difficulties. The famous and legendary … Read More