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Mercury and the Computer

The planet Mercury has its abode in Houses Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is Mercury’s positive swakshetra; Virgo being its negative house. Mercury is exalted in 15 deg. Virgo. Mercury represents all that is quick, grasping, knowledge, arrangement, alignment, maintenance etc. On the higher pedestal, he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is being assigned the work of maintenance of this world; whereas the work of creation to Lord Brahma and the work of destruction to Lord Shiva. Mercury represents computers.

Aptly Lord Vishnu himself must be a super big computer to look after the task of maintenance the world or all the worlds. Mercury representing computer derives power from Moon. Moon is the power giver to all the planets. Even though Mercury is considered as enemy of Moon, the Moon is not the enemy of Mercury. The power required for a computer comes from electricity. Without the electricity, there is no Computer. This electricity is generated from Hydro source. The Hydro source represents Moon. If the source of electricity is Thermal, then it is Sun is the source doing the job for and on behalf of Moon. The Sun and Moon bestow their powers on Mercury.

Mercury is intelligence. Software of computers; Whereas the Mars is the hardware, representing engineering. maintainer of perfection ; Buddha& Buddha; Mercury is telecommunications ; Yet Mercury is child ; Childish. Afflictions to Mercury indicate child-hood difficulties such as speech defects, separation from parents. Yet the child full of capabilities. He is the child of the father. Sriramachandra when he was child cried for Moon to be caught in his hand. Mercury is a child of Moon.

While the house Gemini being Mercury’s positive swakshetra, all the energy of Mercury is exerted, manipulated and spent in the work of maintenance. The house Virgo is the negative ; Gathers power and stores. The exclusive and characteristic power of Mercury is represented by Virgo in its healing power, as the Greek Demi god Centaur. Mercury has its exaltation upto 15th deg, Moolatrikona at (16-20) deg and the last 10 deg as swakshetra. Thus Mercury has three types of qualities in Virgo.

For worshiping Mercury, the seed mantra is ” Om, Aim, Bum Budhaya namha:”. The deity is Lord Vishnu. He is best worshipped and pleased through Lord Lakshmi Narasihma or Sita , Lakshmana Hanumatsameta Kodanda Rama. Offer Sri Tulasi mala to the deity of Lakshmi Narasihma or Kodanda Rama; Offer Lotus flowers to Sita Mata or Lakshmi; and then fruits to Lord Hanuman, starting the pooja on a First Wednesday of Shukla paksha. Continue the pooja for five Wednwesdays.

You will see miracles in your life. If the Mercury is in difficult houses in a birth chart, aspected by malefics, then wear Mercury Yantra, On Wednesday of starting of Pooja as above mentioned. Do not wear gem stones such as Green Emerald or any others, if the Mercury is in difficult houses or aspected by malefics. This tends to increase the difficulties. The famous and legendary … Read More

Types of Engineering

aerospace engineering

The aerospace engineers are concerned with the design, analysis, construction, testing and operation of flight vehicles, including aircraft, helicopters, rockets and spacecrafts. The course is based on the fundamentals of fluid dynamics, materials science, structural analysis, propulsion, aerospace design, automatic control and guidance, and development of computer software.

agricultural engineering

With an increase in growth and associated industrial potential, Indian agriculture has now been accorded the status of an industry. The course on Agricultural and Food Engineering aims at producing engineering graduates to meet the requirements of technical manpower in development of farm machines, land and water resources management, agricultural production and manufacture of processed food. In order to meet the present demand of agricultural and food industries, the course has been suitably modified to include specialized training in design, development, testing and selection of tractors and farm implements, irrigation, drainage and watershed management using Remote Sensing and GIS; information technology, processing of food, fodder and fibre, utilization of biomass, byproducts and wastes in the production of biochemicals, fuels, manure and non-conventional energy. The course provides ample flexibility to the students for acquiring expertise in any of the three major areas of specialization, namely, Farm Power and Machinery, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, and Food Process Engineering.


The goal of this program is to prepare the students, both in theory and practice, for leadership in the globally competitive fields of Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology industry, academia and research. The program has been developed to meet the increasing demand in these fields of industry and research. Students of this program would find unique opportunities of employment and research in the areas of biomedical engineering, drug design, bioinformatics, biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, genomics etc. The course is designed to introduce biology as an experimental science, in contrast to its commonly perceived notion as a descriptive subject. The students will also find the application of a wide range of techniques in physical, chemical and mathematical sciences for designing, executing and interpreting experiments in biology.

chemical engineering

Chemical engineers work in diverse fields such as petroleum refining, fertilizer technology, processing of food and agricultural products, synthetic food, petrochemicals, synthetic fibres, coal and mineral based industries, and prevention and control of environmental pollution. Chemical engineering is concerned with the development and improvement of processes, design, construction, operation, management and safety of the plants for these processes and research in these areas.

civil engineering

A civil engineer is concerned with planning, analysis, design, construction and maintenance of a variety of facilities such as buildings, highways and railways, airports, waterways and canals, dams and power houses, water treatment and waste water disposal systems, environmental quality control , docks and harbors, bridges and tunnels. A civil engineer is also required to deal with critical problems of today such as disaster mitigation and management, constructing offshore structures for oil production,

chemical engineering

Some chemical engineers make designs and invent new processes. Some construct instruments and facilities. Some plans and operate facilities. Chemical engineers have helped develop atomic science, … Read More

The Promising Features and Impacts of Data Science

Nowadays, data drives our world. Therefore, data science’s up-and-coming field or concept is gradually and steadily getting global recognition. It finds its reach across an expansive domain in various sectors related to data mining, machine learning, and big data.

But how exactly would we define data science?


It is a multi-sectoral field of study that operates on the knowledge and application of multiple facets of education, research, and analysis. It implies the utilization of scientific methods, algorithms, and systems and processes of diverse types. Its primary purpose is the extraction of insights and data utilization based on their perceptions. Such particulars are obtainable from structured and unstructured data alike.

Companies employ it through innumerable operations. This application is to unify statistics, informatics, analysis, and their correlated methods and practices over the theoretical and practical segments of diverse subjects like information science and technology, domain knowledge, statistics, mathematics, and computer science. It helps in the analysis and comprehension of the tangible and explicit peculiarities of the obtained data.

Data Science Professions:

The data science field offers some well-paid and reputable employable positions of different qualifications and job scopes. Some of them include:

  • architect

  • analyst

  • Applications architect

  • Enterprise architect

  • Infrastructure architect

  • Analytics manager

  • statistician

  • Machine learning scientists

  • Business Intelligence (BI) analyst and developer

  • data scientist

  • Machine learning engineer

Uses and Impact of Data Science:

To summarize the utility of data science in layman terms, you can say that it breaks down complex data into an elementary and usable form. This interdisciplinary field has made it possible to access and construct big data. As such, individuals can work effortlessly with large quantities to determine optimal operations.

Due to the close association between big data and the world. This correlation allows one to alter the prevailing business models of the older industries and companies to establish newer ones.

Such modifications help different sectors like marketing, transportation, banking, E-Commerce, agriculture, finance, healthcare, etc., to improve and flourish. As a result, data-driven organizations acquire the ability to earn in the trillions. According to research, these companies have increased their income from $333 billion in 2015 to $1.2 trillion as of 2020.

According to Glassdoor, data scientists can earn up to $166 thousand annually in the US.

The dominant impacts of data science in various sectors are:

  • Process Automation: It helps to automate all types of redundant, repetitive, and arduous jobs and chores. With the reduction of human effort on these processes, industries can direct the workforce towards more essential tasks.
  • Performance Analysis: Its applications allow companies to analyze their customer preferences, feedback and response. Using risk modeling and real-time analysis, they can determine the areas of improvement and the underlying elements impeding the overall performance.
  • Quality Improvement: It has made it feasible to improve the quality of company data through analysis, processing, and computation of the said data. It permits the formulation of better plans and the construction of superior products. Resulting from this, the invention of data-driven and
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3 Tips To Hire The Best Computer Repair Company

People who have desktops or laptops, even smartphones and other computer systems frequently need computer repairs services. While considering all the points, there are some crucial parts of hiring a repairing firm that has practical experience in an extensive variety of modern computing devices.

For instance, recognizing what to expect from an organization that provides computer repairs is important to ensure that you get a fantastic experience.

Let’s take a look at some points that you need to look in a computer repair company.

Strong Portfolio – A Really Long List Of Satisfied Customers

There are many organizations that offer repair benefits, but you need to find one company that has demonstrated again and again that it can to give extraordinary services at affordable costs. Find a company that has a good reputation and a long list of highly satisfied & fulfilled customers, which tells new and potential customers that they have picked the best computer repair company.

This is maybe a standout among the most imperative parts of hitting the bull’s eye when it comes to pick a computer repairs organisation. A strong portfolio filled with satisfied customers is frequently the best indicator that this organization offers what it promises.

Should Be One Of The Leading Computer Specialists

Apart from the first point, organizations that have good reviews and evaluations on the web and by word-of-mouth frequently offer high quality services. Setting aside time to investigate the different reviews, ratings and evaluations for specific organization is one of the best ways to hire the right computer repairs organisation.

Repairing companies that offer services of experienced and proficient computer professionals will guarantee that a problem is resolved immediately, effectively and affordably. It’s good to find technicians who are in the business for many decades as they’ll understand the problem better. The organization must have comprehensive support and should be seen by experts as the leading computer specialists.

Should Offer Virus Removal And Recovery Of Lost Data

People who are looking for quality and experienced repair services for everything from laptops to computer systems and a large group of other components of computers need to find a company that can be trusted and relied upon when it comes to virus removal recovery of lost data from the computers.

Furthermore, the computer repair firm should offer an extensive variety of malware removal, spyware removal and effective recovery of lost data. Find a company that is famous for its data recovery skills and can protect your business by deploying the best malware, spyware and antivirus software in your computer systems.… Read More

10 Common Filename Extensions and File Types – What Are They?

The top ten common filename extensions are extensions of files that are most commonly used by computer users. Here are the top ten (not necessarily in order) most common filename extensions:

1. .doc – this is the file extension for a file created by Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing software. The most recent version of Microsoft Word is OOXML-based and has the filename extension of .docx

2. .jpg – this is the filename extension for the compressed graphic format standardized by the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). Most digital images we see in the internet and in computers are in the JPEG format and has the filename extension of .jpg. This file can be viewed in most image viewing and editing software.

3. .exe – this is the extension for Windows or DOS executable programs. If a file has this extension, it is a program and runs when opened. Self-extracting archives also have this extension.

4. .htm or .html – the extension for HTML web page. HTML stands for “Hyper-Text Markup Language”, the language used in writing web pages. This very page you are looking at now is a web page with a filename extension of .htm.

5. .mp3 – the filename extension for compressed audio format developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group. This audio format is very popular nowadays because its size is many times smaller than that of the Wave or AIF file. This makes it easy for people to download music from the internet. The downside of .mp3 is that the quality of sound is not as good as that of the Wave or AIF file.

6. .mpg – this is a video format standardized by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). This file can be played using Windows Media Player, Winamp, Roxio Easy Media Creator, Apple QuickTime Player, or VLC Media Player.

7. .zip – this is the extension for any file that is compressed using the ZIP compression, a kind of compression which allows every file in the archive to be compressed separately. Programs that can open .zip files include WinZip, PKZip, and the popular WinRar.

8. .pdf – this is the file extension for the document created by Adobe Acrobat or other PDF producing programs. PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” and may contain images, texts, forms, outlines, and links. PDF files are usually created from another file, like a web page or a Word document.

9. .xls – this is the filename extension for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet created with Microsoft Excel, the most popular spreadsheet program.

10. .msi – this is the extension File extensions used for misc files, files that contain information about a particular installer. This is used for Windows updates and other software installers.… Read More