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Top 10 Qualities of a Great Computer Major

If you’re considering going to school to become an IT professional, you should learn what the top 10 qualities of a great computer major are. This will be helpful in deciding whether computer school is right for you, and it will help you determine what skills you need to play up or work on more. So without further ado, here are the top 10 qualities of a great computer major:

1. Ability to Multitask: Computer professionals are often involved in many tasks at the same time, which involves time management skills to pull off successfully.

2. Adaptability: If you want to make it in the professional computer/IT world, you have to be versatile. This means bringing skills in other fields, such as business and finance, to the table.

3. Analytical Skills: You should have great analytical skills because you can use them to develop new ideas and solve computer problems.

4. Aptitude for Math: Mathematics is used in many computer applications, so you can’t do well in this career without a few good math skills.

5. Attention to Details: If your numbers, computations or placements are even slightly off, it can affect how a computer program runs or looks. You must be able to ensure accuracy every time.

6. Commitment to Learning: As a computer professional you will constantly be reeducating yourself in order to keep up with changing technology.

7. Communication Skills: Many IT professionals lack good communication skills, so you can set yourself apart here. This will help you understand clients’ and coworkers’ needs.

8. Memorization Skills: You must be able to learn and memorize programming languages ​​to make it in this professional field.

9. Problem Solving/Troubleshooting Capabilities: If you’re going to be able to solve problems with networks, software and various programs, you have to be able to think on your feet and act fast.

10. Technical Writing Skills: This means being able to explain very complicated concepts on paper in such a way that the layman will understand.

Utilize this list if you are thinking about majoring in computer science or a related field and are looking for ways to stand out in the field of potential competitors.… Read More

How Computers Benefit Society

Computers are wonderful machines. They are everywhere and society depends on them to manage our world. It is no wonder that computers have almost unlimited applications, and that they are multiplying at a steady rate. Many of these applications are benefiting society directly or indirectly. The three most important ways computers are benefiting society, is by, creating more information technology professions, creating new automobile safety features, and opening ground-breaking communication methods. There currently exist many other beneficial functions of these machines, such as their use for diagnosing patients, running weather simulations to predict future weather patterns, and calculating large, complex data sets. As new applications emerge for computer systems, so will the benefits society will derive from them.

Creating more information technology (IT) professions is proportionally related to how many new computer systems are put into use. As new computers are sold to consumers, the demand for more IT professions will rise because consumers will need these professionals to maintain, upgrade and repair their new computer systems. . More employment is also made available when new computer applications are discovered. This makes sense because new applications require new professionals that are trained to deal with that specific application. For example, when the World Wide Web was introduced, many new professions arose. Some of these professions range from website designers and server administrators to online marketers. These factors show that computers are benefiting society directly by creating new information technology professions, which is vitally important to the development of any countries labor force.

Computers were introduced into cars in the late nineteenth century, for such effects as controlling engine functions, fuel injection, and signal light timing. It is not until recently, that computers have started to play a role in helping to save people’s lives by enabling car manufacturers to create new automobile safety features. Air bags are an extremely important safety feature in an automobile. A computer is located in the steering wheel of an automobile, which is equipped with airbags and is the only device capable of signaling the airbags to deploy in the case of an accident. According to McCormick (1999), it is an estimation that “between 1990 and 1997, air bags saved about 150 lives in Canada. In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that airbags, as of September 1, 1999, have saved the lives of over 4,600 Americans involved in car crashes.” This would not be possible without computer systems. Another popular safety feature is the anti-lock braking system, or ABS. The purpose of the anti-lock braking system is to stop a vehicle from locking its tires, which has been shown to dramatically increase a drivers control in a potential crash. These safety features have proven to be beneficial to society thanks to computers, by decreasing the number of automobile accidents, and the number of fatalities involved in such accidents.

Society is dependent on rapid and reliable communications. Computers have allowed us to open ground-breaking communication methods that satisfy those dependencies. … Read More

Origin and Uses of Computers

The computer is one of the most wonderful products of modern science. It plays a significant role in modern life. A computer works with fantastic speed, precision and accuracy. It can make thousands of calculations per second. It is an electronic calculating machine that can count, write and solve highly complex problems. Computers have made in roads into every human activity. It is a friend of students, businessmen, industrialists, scientists and others.

The word computer comes from the word compute meaning to calculate. We find computers in offices, business houses, laboratories and on spaceships. We do not need to wait in the queue for a long time today. Tickets are issued by computers. Computers have made life easier and more perfect.

The neolithic structure Stonehenge near Salisbury in England is considered to be the oldest computer. It is supposed to have been built about 4000 years ago. It consists of a circular structure of stones supposed to have been temple dedicated to the sun god. It was used to predict the astronomical phenomena like the orbits of various planets. John Napier (1552 – 1617) developed logarithm with which multiplication and division become easier. Slide rule was an extension of logarithm. It was in fact a scientist by name Charles Babbage invented the modern computer in the nineteenth century. In the early stages computers used vacuum tubes. A few years later Dr. Howard Alken of Harvard University designed the automatic sequence controlled calculator – the first mechanical computer.

There are two models of computers namely Analogue and Digital – the former measures and the latter calculators. Today digital computers are more popular. Digits in Latin means finger. In earlier days fingers were used to count. Computers are used to perform very sophisticated tasks. They are used to control the direction of rockets and missiles. Such computers were used in the second world war. A lot of researches have been done in order to improve upon the existing ones.

A computer program is a set of coded instructions for the computer to obey. The writing of these programs is called computer programming. A computer, with all its sophistication and extraordinary ability to perform tasks cannot replace man. It cannot think by itself. It can only perform tasks that we program into it. A computer can control the movement pattern of the electrons and a desired pictures is produced on the screen as a picture on a TV screen is produced by bombarding electrons. Today computers are used to produce accurate scale drawing in a short time. They can produce drawings, maps, et. Computers are also used in satellites to forecast weather. A computer in a hospital can give signals to doctors about a patient’s condition.

Many people have the fear that computers create unemployment. It’s wrong. In fact, computers create jobs. In this growing world we want our tasks to be done quickly and accurately. New technology needs the manufacture of new machines, data feeding equipments and electronic instruments, the production of … Read More

Computer Profession in Career Astrology

Astrology is no doubt a Vedic science by which one person can get a clear picture of his life if the analysis and calculations are taken into consideration in right means. Accurate employment probabilities are calculated by an efficient astrologer by carefully observing ones horoscope.

Factors responsible for computer profession

· Ascendant: general physical and mental abilities of the native

· 2nd house: significator of higher education, communication and speaking

· 3rd house: distance communication and transmission

· 5th house: intelligence and competition

· 7th house: business and service sector

· 10th house: main significator of profession and means of live hood of the native

· 11th house: income

· Rahu [dragon head]: signifier of electronics

· Mercury: significator of calculations, accountancy, statistics and mathematics

Venus: learning, expert mathematician,

· Saturn: stands for machinery

Jupiter: highly educated, learned and, ambitious

Different combination for computer profession

Jupiter in trine / quadrant, Venus is powerful and Mercury in the 2nd, the native will definitely opts for the computer profession

Jupiter in trine/quadrant, either Venus or mercury is exalted, the native will select computer line as profession

· Mars is posited in 2nd and aspected by benefit planets or Mars and moon combined in 2nd, the native will get a job in computer field.

· Rahu in 2nd, indicates computer education

· Jupiter is powerful and influencing 3rd/4th/6th/10th houses

· Mercury and Venus related in healthy way

Horoscope of Bill Gates [28/10/1955]

Ascendant –Gemini; Jupiter — 3rd house; Mars and Mercury -4th; Sun, Venus and Saturn — 5th; Rahu– 6th; Moon — 10th; Chief — 12th.

Lord of ascendant Mercury is exalted and aspecting 10th,

Jupiter as 7th lord is aspecting 7th

· Lord of 9th [fate] Saturn is exalted and associated with Venus [the lord of 5th, indicates intellect and basic education] and Sun [the lord of 3rd, indicates communication and transmission].… Read More

Security Surveillance Camera Outside Home Means Less Crime

Many suburban homes have installed a security surveillance camera to protect their dwellings from property damage or potential home invasion. It is proven that a property chances of being a victim of crime is drastically reduced, when the potential criminal knows the property is under surveillance. Some studies show homes in certain neighborhoods are up to 75% less chance to be violated by criminals when a camera is displayed outside.

Security systems have gone up in quality and dropped in price over the last decade. This has been due to computer systems popping up in homes, DVR technology and military knowledge being integrated into cameras and being mass produced. 15 years ago, a night vision device could run $2000 to $6000. Now, you can pick up a four day color night vision / infrared system, with four cameras and 500 GB hard drive Nuvcio EVL-4500 DVR costing $450 to $700.

There are many high tech individual cameras you can pick up for under $100. The Sony 1/3″ CCD Infrared LED Security Camera can be purchased for $89. An indoor/outdoor Bullet Security Camera Night Vision Model # SUN-LIR30HF comes with night vision capability for up to 80 feet. It also has a built in microphone that allows for audio surveillance. The price for the SUN-LIR30Hf is $64.95. You can get dome cameras, motion cameras, hidden ones, cameras that tilt, zoom and pan an area. You can even get cameras that are vandal proof. It depends on your needs, affordability, time available and your level of commitment for the right system for your home.

A security surveillance camera is a must to protect your homes, property and loved ones. A potential criminal will go elsewhere once they see a camera posted outside the home. One of the main reasons a security camera prevents crime is because the “bad guy” is caught on tape and can be identified. Once they are identified, they know the police can apprehend them and get a conviction. The criminal will go to find easier prey. It use to be that these security systems were only for the rich. But, with technology, the need and mass production, they have become very affordable and cost effective.… Read More