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The Importance of Blue Light Glasses for Kids

We are surrounded by blue light no matter where we go. This is the light that gives the blue color to the sky. The same light is emitted by the screens of the mobile phones and tablets when your kid plays his favorite games. Now, the question is, does this light cause harm to the eyes of your kids? Should you buy blue light glasses for your kids? We are going to answer these questions in this article. Read on to know more.

If you worry about the health of your kids, we suggest that you don’t allow them to use their smartphones all day. Instead, you should help them follow the popular 20/20 rule. This rule is quite simple and beneficial. Just ask your kids to look 20 feet away from the screen for at least 20 seconds after they have spent 10 minutes starring at their phone or tablet screens.

Another alternative is to buy protective glasses. They offer a great degree of protection. Plus, they don’t cost a lot of money.

In case you don’t know, blue light is a visible light that features shorter wavelengths and a high level of energy unlike other wavelengths. Given below are some common sources of this wavelength:

  • Sunlight

  • Smartphones, tablets and computer screens

  • TV screens

  • LED lights

  • Fluorescent lights

Although we don’t have strong evidence to suggest that this wavelength can cause damage to your kids’ eyes, we can’t take risk as there could be long-term side effects.

How do the Glasses offer Protection for their Eyes?

Spending a few minutes in the sun is healthy for your kids. As a matter of fact, a little bit of regular exposure to the sun can help your kids reduce their risk for developing myopia.

Although some sun is good for human eyes and body, excessive exposure may cause retinal damage over the long haul. According to research studies, kids are at a higher risk of retina damage due to constant exposure to blue light.

Moreover, prolonged exposure to this wavelength for years after years can cause visions problems after the age of 30. For instance, the exposure to UV light is associated with age-related macular degeneration. This condition may result in vision loss.

Screen Time for Children

Kids are more exposed to blue light when they are outside. However, if your kids spend most of their time looking at computer screens, they may suffer from digital eyestrain, aka computer vision syndrome. Given below are some common symptoms of this condition in kids:

  • Poor posture

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Eye tiredness

  • dry eyes

  • Vision changes

Aside from these, there are other risks of prolonged exposure to this type of light. Therefore, we suggest that you take proper measures to save the eyesight of your kids.

The Takeaway

If you are worried about your kids’ eyesight, we suggest that you buy them a good pair of blue light sunglasses. This is the only easiest way to ensure the safety of your kids’ health.… Read More

2020 Estimated Computer Network Cabling Cost of Installing

The demand for wireless networks is growing rapidly and there is a huge advancement of it. For reliable and super-fast networks, computer network cabling is one of the best options. For individuals or businesses that are looking for a superior network for their business or house, a hardwired network is a right solution.

If you are looking for first-class stability and a high-speed network, then a hardwired computer network will help you. You must be thinking that routers are one of the best approaches for uploads and downloads; nevertheless, nothing can be compared to computer cabling. Furthermore, a designed PC network offers extreme superior security conventions than what’s as of now accessible for remote innovation, settling on it the ideal decision for any individual who needs a protected, solid, fast organization that isn’t helpless before restricted innovation.

Different types of hardwired computer networks:

Basically, there are 4 types of hardwired networks in computer and they are Cat5e cable, Cat 6 cable, Cat 7, and optical fiber cable. In order to install these network cables, there are installation costs that compromise labor service and materials handling. The total installation cost depends on the room size and how many data points are going to be included.

Understanding computer network cabling cost

If you are wondering what would be the 2020 Estimated Computer Network Cabling Cost of Installing, then here below is a detailed approach. This network cabling cost depends on the average square feet of the house. Well, it entirely depends on the contractor and the density of the installation procedure. Different hardwired computer networks have different price tags; hence, before installing you need to do research. A freshly installed CAT-6 cable may cost you within $3,600 USD per 2,000 feet. Installing an optical cable network may cost you within $5000 to $6000.

Hours to Spend on Network Cabling Installation

The installation course is variable since it includes running links, introducing fundamental equipment and embellishments, arranging the organization, making sure about links, and different components that fluctuate altogether starting with one employment then onto the next. Accordingly, while one task may just take 30 hours, as current organization segments are now set up, a spic and span business establishment of a similar type may take as long as fifty hours because of the extra work included.

Keep in mind that bigger homes will require longer network links. This implies that you can wind up spending a lot more. Other than that, there are different gadgets, for example, a printer, surveillance cameras, video doorbells, or other IoT gadgets that may require a network association. This implies that you should include extra ports notwithstanding more long stretches of work.

The best way is to compare cost online

Well, one of the best ways to know about computer network cabling costs is by visiting cost comparison websites. Undoubtedly, cost comparison websites will help you to find the appropriate network cabling cost which goes as per your requirements.

Get more information visit… Read More

Artificial Intelligence: The New Player in Technology

Artificial intelligence means stimulating human intelligence in machines by programming them to think and act like humans. It also refers to machines that can perform actions like a human brain like problem-solving. It should be able to rationalize and perform actions to achieve a specific goal. It includes machine learning, whereby computer programs automatically learn and adapt to changing data without human intervention. Deep learning enables these machines to automatically learn by absorbing data like images, text, and videos.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is divided into weak and strong intelligence. Systems with weak intelligence are capable of performing only one task at a time. Personal assistants like Alexa and Siri fall under this category.

Systems with strong are complex, complicated, and can carry out tasks like humans. They are programmed in a manner to handle situations without any human interference.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence has applications across sectors and industries. Tests are conducted with AI in the healthcare sector, where they are tasked with dosing patients with drugs and conducting surgeries in the operation theatre. Self-driving cars are becoming a massive hit in recent times. Driven by AI, these cars have to decide on their actions as the results depend on their actions. The computer systems of these self-driving cars have to consider the external data and act accordingly to avoid a collision.

Another industry where artificial intelligence is present is the banking and financial industry. It is used to help the banks’ fraud detection departments by flagging suspicious activities like unusual debit card transactions and large deposits. It makes it easier to estimate the demand and supply of securities, which helps make trading easy.

Speech recognition is the capability to process human speech into a written format using Natural Learning Process. It is incorporated as the voice input feature in numerous mobile devices. Online chatbots are Replacing human correspondents in the customer care industry by letting users choose the problem they are facing for the chatbot to understand, then it provides answers based on its understanding of the user’s problems. Computer vision is an AI technology where computers can derive information from images, text among others, and act based on this information. With convolutional neural networks it is used in photo tagging, radiology imaging, and many other industries.

AI algorithms can discover data trends that can be used in cross-selling strategies using past consumer behavior data patterns. Add-ons at the end of the checkout process also rely on AI algorithms.

Why study Artificial Intelligence?

Studying AI prepares one to become a software engineer interested in the research of neural networks, quantum artificial intelligence, and human-machine interfaces. People can also work as software engineers for companies by creating recommendation lists for shopping and processing vast data sets. An education in AI opens up the opportunity to become a hardware engineer who develops robots for home assistance or electronic parking assistants. AI as a field did not exist ten years ago and is continuously growing even today. AI … Read More

Threats From Spyware

Do you get annoyed with the banner ads displaying on your computer while browsing the internet? This banner ads are displayed thanks to a software called spyware. To some this banner ads do not bother them at all, but in the background (they banner ads) makes one’s computer slow. Then there are spyware that changes your browsing capability, by redirecting your searches, thus controlling the results ‘you see. This is just the start, there are spyware that alters your registry, making your computer hijacked by some hacker.

Spyware are also employed by online fraudsters for identity theft. This software has the capability to gather all the user information such as banking password, credit card information, PIN# etc…, and are designed for capturing your banking information, and runs only when you visit a banking site, and monitors all the information that you type in. They are also designed to use modem to make use of dial up connection long distance calls, leaving the poor user to pay the bills.

The first line of defense against spyware is the firewall. Firewall acts as a vanguard against any potential threat coming to you or to your family while they are on the internet. Firewall stops hackers, intruders, and online predators to penetrate inside your computer, thus acting as a barrier between your family and the internet. Though there are spyware available that changes ones firewall settings and intelligent enough that when you try to remove it, they stop you doing it.

All the above mentioned threats are real, they can not only make ones system unusable (though that’s not its primary intent), but also takes ones computer resource, gathers all the information about one, such as users surfing habits, credit card and banking information . They Are If are also used heavily by hackers and crackers to perform their devious crime against your name namely identity theft.… Read More

Data Science: The Pinnacle of All Careers

What is Data Science?

The wide application of Information Technology and Computer Science has given rise to so many new fields in the corporate sector which have enormous potentials and possibilities. One of the fastest growing careers among them is Data Science, which has become extremely popular among youth because of its exciting nature of work and newness. Professionals who do this job are known as Data Scientists.

The demand for Data Scientists is increasing all over the world, and the world’s reputable organizations have listed this profession as the best profession of the 21st century. And the fact that there aren’t enough Data Scientists currently implies great opportunities for the newcomers in this field.

What Is Data Science All About?

We live in an age where we are surrounded by data. Communicating with all this data is a challenging task. Earlier, industries relied on simple tools such as BI for Data Mining, but with the advent of technical statistics and computer science, this has evolved to be known as Data Science. The introduction of Big Data and its relation to Information Technology led to its grand scale rise.

With Data Science, we can learn the hidden information in the data, and by applying analytics, we can use this information to solve business problems, foresee future trends and understand certain patterns which would be very difficult to be performed just by applying human intellect. But only mining some diverse set of data is not enough. The success depends on building programs based on the data which enhances the industrial results, and that’s what Data Scientists are expert in.

It is actually a platform where Business, Computer Science and Statistics come together. The job of a Data Scientist includes:

  1. Organizing: This refers to the collection of data through open source software frameworks such as Hadoop and SAS.
  2. Modeling: This is where a Data Scientist transforms, integrates and refines the data in order to understand it and create statistical models which can be applied to solve the problem at hand.
  3. Delivery: After a model is constructed, the Data Scientist explains the model to the customer and other members.

Benefits of Applying Data Science in Industry

All major companies have reported excellent improvement in their business results by applying Data Science to exploit their user’s data and understand how to improve their products. The prime reason why companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are so ahead of their competitors is that they’re making excellent use of Data Science to track each and every user and draw inferences from their behavior and shopping pattern. This can be seen easily in the preciseness of Google searches, Facebook’s newsfeed recommendation and Amazon’s product suggestions. But this is not the end because Data Science is also creating milestones in industries like Medical Science, Banking and Finance, Online Education, Security Systems, Aviation Industry… and this list can go on and on.

Your Way to Become a Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the professionals who have … Read More