Do Vision Improvement Eye Exercises Strengthen Your Eye Muscles?

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. While it provides us with many conveniences involving easy communication and making it easier for us to access multiple sources of information, we need to pay attention to the way that we use our eyes as we access this important information tool. When it comes to maintaining healthier eyesight, and caring for our eyes, there are certain eye habits we should avoid that have a negative effect on the eye muscles, thereby causing vision problems. Eye problems associated with weakened eye muscles are common today. This is due to the fact that our lifestyle habits involve the common use of computers and technological devices encourage unhealthy eye habits. Some of these unhealthy eye habits include excessive close up work on computers without breaks, and the fact that as a result of these activities, we hardly ever look up from our close up work or focus into the distance anymore. Therefore, here are some of the causes of weakened eye muscles, its negative effects on the visual system and how eye exercises can correct this problem:

Dr. William H. Bates, the pioneer of natural vision improvement techniques, has proven that the main cause of weakened eye muscles is associated with stress and tension in the eyes and strain on the eye muscles. Take for instance, many years of excessive close up work on digital devices, computers and technological devices causes strain on the eye muscles. Bad visual habits lead to this continual buildup of strain in the eye muscles. The eye muscles that are connected to the eyeballs become tensed and the resulting buildup of tension in the visual system eventually leads to a distortion in the shape of the eyeballs. In the case of nearsightedness the eyeball becomes too long and light images do not fall directly on the retina but instead are focused in front of it. In the case of farsightedness the opposite is the case as tension and strain in the eyes causes the eyeball to become too short and light images do not fall directly on the retina but behind of it.

One of the benefits of pursuing an eye exercise program is the fact that once we practice these easy and simple eye exercise techniques on a regular basis, we can remove the stress, tension and strain from the visual system. These are some of the keys to improving vision naturally and upgrading the function of the visual system. Additionally, we can rebuild the damage done to the eyes resulting from the buildup of strain from excessive close up work by exercising the eye muscles. This builds the strength as well as the focusing power of the eyes. Therefore, in the process of performing these eye exercise techniques we can rebuild the strength, the flexibility and the focusing power of the eyes for better natural vision without glasses.