How to Improve Eyesight Naturally – Tips to Help You See Better Without Glasses Or Surgery

Although it’s second nature to most of us wearing glasses or contact lenses is simply a hassle. It’s also fairly expensive and if you’re one of the people who notice a significant shift in your eyesight every year or every couple of years you’re probably investing quite a bit in new eyewear on a regular basis. Obviously you can turn to lasik surgery to improve your vision but it’s not cheap and comes with its own set of risks. Most people have no idea that there are things they can be doing to improve eyesight naturally. With a little insight and determination you can change the way you see by using all natural methods.

One effective way to improve eyesight naturally is to change your diet. You may balk at the idea that carrots have an impact on your vision, but they really do. It’s best to eat them raw or steamed so you’re not losing all the valuable nutrients in the cooking liquid. Also using a juicer to make your own homemade carrot juice blends is a great way to incorporate more of these bright orange vegetables into your diet. At the same time, reduce the amount of sugar you are eating. Fatty foods are also a concern and have been shown to affect eyesight so steer clear of them as much as you possibly can.

Exercising your body is essential to being healthy and doing the same for your eyes is a great way to improve eyesight naturally. There is one very simple exercise that everyone can do that will have a positive benefit for your eyesight. Focus on something close and then quickly focus on something in the distance. Do this repeatedly throughout the day. Most people who work on computers also never consider how important it is to take breaks every 30 minutes or so. You certainly don’t have to get up from the computer but look away from your monitor for a few minutes every so often. Try and focus on something across the room. This will help keep your eyes from becoming too lazy.