Is Cloud Computing Here to Stay?

CEOs, IT managers, and business owners alike are all rushing to jump head-first into cloud computing. In fact, the shift to cloud-based systems has been so swift that some are starting to wonder whether it’s actually a revolutionary way of managing IT, or just a fad that’s expected.

Although there certainly is a danger in following the crowd to sudden conclusions, there are hundreds of reasons to think that cloud-based systems are here to stay – and that you should be investigating it if you haven’t already made the change. That’s because, by freeing your company up from the need to continually buy new hardware and software, cloud computing makes your business more profitable and efficient at the same time.

Consider these three things you get from making the switch to a cloud computing plan:

Systems are cheaper. Like managed services agreements, cloud-based systems allow you to trade big, unpredictable hardware and software expenses for a regular monthly invoice that doesn’t change over time. As wonderful as that consistency is, however, it also brings huge savings. That’s because cloud computing is, on average, more than 50% less expensive than keeping traditional hardware and software is.

Safer. One thing business owners and executives have trouble understanding about cloud computing is how their company’s data can actually be more secure when it’s outside their own office or facility. To see why, they have to understand that a state-of-the-art cloud computing facility has trained technicians on staff 24/7/365, security personnel on the premises, backup power and industrial-grade surge protection, along with continuous save points to ensure the data is never lost. What’s more, your data will be transmitted securely back and forth. Put all of those elements together, and it’s much, much safer than it would be in most offices.

More convenient. While businesses typically make the switch to cloud computing based on cost savings, you shouldn’t overlook the gains in convenience and productivity that come to you, as well. By moving your applications and data into the shared space, you gain the ability to have your employees communicate with each other (and work on the same files) in real time. That means fewer e-mails, phone calls, and long meetings. In other words, the cloud saves you a lot of time and money, even if you didn’t expect it to. Best of all, switching to cloud computing can be quick and painless!