Mercury and the Computer

The planet Mercury has its abode in Houses Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is Mercury’s positive swakshetra; Virgo being its negative house. Mercury is exalted in 15 deg. Virgo. Mercury represents all that is quick, grasping, knowledge, arrangement, alignment, maintenance etc. On the higher pedestal, he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is being assigned the work of maintenance of this world; whereas the work of creation to Lord Brahma and the work of destruction to Lord Shiva. Mercury represents computers.

Aptly Lord Vishnu himself must be a super big computer to look after the task of maintenance the world or all the worlds. Mercury representing computer derives power from Moon. Moon is the power giver to all the planets. Even though Mercury is considered as enemy of Moon, the Moon is not the enemy of Mercury. The power required for a computer comes from electricity. Without the electricity, there is no Computer. This electricity is generated from Hydro source. The Hydro source represents Moon. If the source of electricity is Thermal, then it is Sun is the source doing the job for and on behalf of Moon. The Sun and Moon bestow their powers on Mercury.

Mercury is intelligence. Software of computers; Whereas the Mars is the hardware, representing engineering. maintainer of perfection ; Buddha& Buddha; Mercury is telecommunications ; Yet Mercury is child ; Childish. Afflictions to Mercury indicate child-hood difficulties such as speech defects, separation from parents. Yet the child full of capabilities. He is the child of the father. Sriramachandra when he was child cried for Moon to be caught in his hand. Mercury is a child of Moon.

While the house Gemini being Mercury’s positive swakshetra, all the energy of Mercury is exerted, manipulated and spent in the work of maintenance. The house Virgo is the negative ; Gathers power and stores. The exclusive and characteristic power of Mercury is represented by Virgo in its healing power, as the Greek Demi god Centaur. Mercury has its exaltation upto 15th deg, Moolatrikona at (16-20) deg and the last 10 deg as swakshetra. Thus Mercury has three types of qualities in Virgo.

For worshiping Mercury, the seed mantra is ” Om, Aim, Bum Budhaya namha:”. The deity is Lord Vishnu. He is best worshipped and pleased through Lord Lakshmi Narasihma or Sita , Lakshmana Hanumatsameta Kodanda Rama. Offer Sri Tulasi mala to the deity of Lakshmi Narasihma or Kodanda Rama; Offer Lotus flowers to Sita Mata or Lakshmi; and then fruits to Lord Hanuman, starting the pooja on a First Wednesday of Shukla paksha. Continue the pooja for five Wednwesdays.

You will see miracles in your life. If the Mercury is in difficult houses in a birth chart, aspected by malefics, then wear Mercury Yantra, On Wednesday of starting of Pooja as above mentioned. Do not wear gem stones such as Green Emerald or any others, if the Mercury is in difficult houses or aspected by malefics. This tends to increase the difficulties. The famous and legendary film artist Amitabh Bachan wore green emeralds when the Mercury was in difficult houses, first associated by Ketu in Virgo and then aspected by Mars, who in turn aspected by Saturn. Amitabh Bachan got a jolt and admitted to hospital, during the month of November 2005.