Mobile Apps Development – Use of Flex

The advancement of technology seems to never end. As a consequence of this, the electronic telecommunication gadgets of yesteryears seem to be very simple while those of today seem to be technically quite complex and complicated. The expectations of final users of technology are going on increasing. Initially the web applications were designed to be compatible with the desktop personal computers but now they need to be compatible with the operating systems and platforms of different mobiles in the market.

The union of the computer with the mobile phone and then its empowerment through internet has made the smart phone one of the most popular gadgets in the world. In the early days of smart phones there were only three names that were popular; they were iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. The platforms and operating systems vary from brand to brand. This implies that the application that works on one brand may usually not work on any other brand of smart phone. The issue of compatibility reigns supreme. On the other hand the manufacturers of the smart phones have been trying to minimize the brand players in the smart phone market. Any smart phone manufacturer would not like to lose customers and clients to other smart phone manufacturers. The compatibility issue could be one of the ways to retain and restrict the smart phone user and ensure his/her brand loyalty.

The advent of Flex allows the mobile application developers to develop applications that can work across different operating systems. The application developed with the help of Flex is not restricted by the compatibility issues and work on different browsers. Earlier Flex ‘Hero’ was designed for mobile devices that had Android. Nowadays, the software development kit is being upgraded to make the Flex ‘Hero’ compatible with BlackBerry, Table OS and Apple iOS.

The mobile application developers have been facilitates with a number of new components and features through the use of Flex ‘Hero’. These features and components are supported by Flash Builder ‘Burrito’ and Flash Catalyst ‘Panini’

The mobile application can develop applications for multiple screens with the help of Flex. In this way the use of Flex allows the mobile application developers to come out with new ways to develop applications.

The Flex SDK ‘Hero’ tool constitutes of Flash Builder ‘Burrito’, Adobe Flex SDK ‘Hero’ and Adobe AIR 2.5. If you want to build any mobile application you just need to have Adobe Flex SDK ‘Hero’ and not the Flash Builder ‘Burrito’. If you want to test the mobile application that you have developed then you must have the Android SDK installed.

The Flex applications can run on any smart phone device that operates on Google Android 2.2.

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