Motion Detector Alarm Color Hidden Camera With Dvr – Product Review

This Mini Alarm DVR with PIR detection & motion detection color hidden camera is loaded with features that makes it unique. Here are the major ones.

1. Hidden Camera with DVR-It records images to an 8 GB SD card.

2. Flash Memory – Built in 128M flash memory.

3. Overwriting-When memory is full it keeps recording over old pictures.

4. Lithium Ion Battery-Can record up to 3 hours on a rechargeable battery.

5. Motion Detection-Records only when there is motion detected.

6. Alarm-Triggered when motion is sensed and with PIR trigger up to 25 feet.

7. Date/time stamp-Records the date and time for every still or video.

8. Night Vision-Infrared night vision recording up to 15-20 feet.

9. Viewing Angle-A fabulous 120 degrees.

10. Recording time-On the SD card AVI video recording for 8-10days, snapshot for 25 days.

11. Playback-On your computer monitor or TV using the included RCA cable.

12. Resolution-AVI Resolution: 320 X 240; JPEG resolution: 640 X 480, Horizontal resolution: 420 TV Line.

13. Internal Camera-1/3 inch Sony CCD camera for very clear pictures.

In short you can record in complete darkness up to 20 feet away, record over old pics and record for 8-10 days on video motion detection and 25 days of pictures. Playback is simple on your computer or TV.

This device uses motion detection to trigger recording or motion or the PIR to trigger the alarm siren. It has multiple applications for home, office or business adding to its’ versatility. Plug it in, aim in the direction you want to record and protect and you are good to go. When are you getting one?