Nokia N95 – A Heap of Broken Images

For all of those who are still under the daze of the powerful brand line “is this what computers have become?” should come out of the charming delusion that the world knows as Nokia N95. It is a powerful device, no doubt, with all the high tech and super impressive features that have made it the best equipped gadget in the mainstream mobile phone market. But when we come to actually rate this device in terms of usability, all of our hopeful beliefs are ruthlessly tarnished, leaving us with the untold side of the story, that sings about a hopeless device called as Nokia N95.

Nokia N95 has recently won the prestigious TIPA(technical image and press association award) as the best imaging device in Europe for the year 2007. Certainly, an award, whose stature is equivalent to the Oscar award in Hollywood, raises the expectations of the users . But, plainly speaking, are these features really needed in a device like Nokia N95? Or is it a high tech bundle of the best technology which is being thrust upon the curious mobile phone maniacs, for the sake of maintaining the supremacy of manufactures in the mobile phone market around the world?

There may be numerous contradictions that are ready to pacify the above allegations and to uphold the general belief about Nokia N95. But on a more technical note, Nokia N95 could be placed in the category of any of the high end Blackberry phones that never became the talk of the town despite maintaining nearly the same high end features that are being propagated by the manufacturers of Nokia N95 on such a wide scale. Then comes the usability. The camera of Nokia N95 is a whopping 5 Mega Pixels that creates a myth about its superb picture quality, which, in real, looks as ordinary as 3.2 or 2 Mega Pixels camera pictures. The 5 Mega Pixels effect would only be shown if the user decides to blow it out and use it like a professional photographer.

Other features like GPS system with map applications over 100 countries seem equally useless addition, unless the user plans to spend some time in a place that doesn’t have any sign boards and has a remote demography, and if such a country exists, that would surely not be listed in the GPS system of Nokia N95. Also, the symbian software and so many extra features have made this handset much slower in execution of any operation which is one of the major drawbacks of the Nokia N95.

Lastly, the overpricing of this handset also comes as a big factor in abstaining the masses from buying it. The price of this device has greatly gone down since its release and it would go down even more, in the coming years. Thus, the Nokia N95 seems like a mighty handset which is nothing but a heap of many features, popularized by the advertisements and extensive marketing.