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How to Find PowerPoint Presentation on Your Computer and on the Internet

PowerPoint presentations are often utilized in schools and in businesses. They are powerful means of instructing the students as well as the businessmen since they can easily be captured with the visuals accompanied with the appropriate statements. This is why they are often used to explain, illustrate, demonstrate and enlighten the audiences of the speakers. Working with PowerPoint is also easy and thus, people are able to articulate what they want to express without difficulty. The problem with working with a lot of PowerPoint presentations is that they could often be misplaced. This is why you need to know how you can find PowerPoint presentations easily.

There are simple ways that will enable you to find PowerPoint presentation that you are looking for. First up when you want to search for PPT files on your computer, the simplest method is to use the inbuilt Find of your operating system. Windows users will definitely see this as an easy task since they can just go to the Start button and then select Search or Find. After that, they can specify the filename of the PPT presentation that they are looking for. If you have forgotten what the name of the file is, do not worry because you can simply enter ‘*.PPT’ and you will download all the PowerPoint files in your computer.

You may also need to specify the path in which the computer will search in. For instance, if you believe that the PPT file is located in the local hard drive C, you can just select C as the location. This will allow you to get the results faster. If you do not know the exact spot where you have saved the file, choose Desktop. However, you should be prepared to wait for several minutes especially if you have a large computer system.

Meanwhile, when you are looking for PowerPoint files on the internet, the syntax is not the same. Sure, you can use Google or any search engine to find PowerPoint presentation on the web but this does not limit the results to PPT files. It is a good thing that there are ways on how you can improve your searches on the web. To do this, you can go to your favorite search engine and then enter the topic that you are searching for. Then, key in ‘filetype:PPT’ For instance, you are searching for the exact phrase ‘strategic plans.’ You will need to enter in the search engine’s box the following: ‘strategic plans’ filetype:ppt.

To make things even easier, you can look for a PowerPoint file finder. They act like a PowerPoint search engine wherein they will help you find PowerPoint presentation in the last possible time. You can benefit from them if you really need the files in a few moments. They can give you the results in a minute and they also provide accurate results. These tools can only be utilized when you are searching for PPT files on your computer. If you want to … Read More

The Origins of Psychology – Psyche and Logos

From two Greek words: psyche, which means the mind or the soul and logos, which means study, the science of Psychology has been studied and defined by many people throughout the ages. Hilgard, Morgan, Silverman, and Schlesinger are just a few. A careful analysis of their foregoing definitions of psychology reveals common points: Psychology is the scientific study of the behaviors of living organisms; the term behavior must not be solely attributed to man’s physical reactions and observable behavior; and thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are also connected to the term behavior.

The primary goals of Psychology are mainly to describe, identify, understand and explain behavior, to know its factors, and to control or change behavior. Psychologists often apply their knowledge and understanding of human behavior to solve issues and help in our society. Different areas of specialization in Psychology are studied to provide better understandings of this science.

Among these are the traditional fields consisting mainly of: Clinical Psychology which deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of psychological problems. It also relates to Psychiatry which pertains to more serious problems; Counseling Psychology which deals with administering, storing, and interpreting psychological exams; Educational or School Psychology which deals with students’ learning and adjustment; Community Psychology which deals with problems of the aged, prisoners, and other problems in the community.

It also focuses on providing accessible care for these people; Social Psychology which deals with the behavior of man individually and in groups; Industrial or Organizational Psychology which deals with issues of people in the workplace; Personality Psychology which is concerned with the uniqueness of a person; Developmental Psychology which deals with factors affecting human groups; Experimental Psychology which focuses with the basis of scientific research; Physiological Psychology which is concerned with the functions of the brain; and Comparative Psychology which targets the differences of the species.

Aside from these, several branches of Psychology were discovered during the 70’s. Forensic Psychology deals with legal, judicial, and correctional systems. Environmental Psychology is primarily concerned about issues relating to the environment. Computer Science, on the other hand, uses computer programming for behavioral analysis. There is also Engineering Psychology which seeks to make the relationship between man and machines; and Psychopharmacology which deals with the relationship of behavior and drugs.

Furthermore, the latest fields of Psychology that were recently developed consist of: Health Psychology which focuses on multidimensional approaches that emphasize lifestyle and health care systems; Sports Psychology which applies psychological principles to improve performance and enjoy participation; Cross-culture Psychology which examines the role of culture in understanding behavior, thoughts, and emotions; and Women Psychology which emphasizes the importance of promoting research and study of women.… Read More

Which Prescriptions Go With Which Lenses?

You’re ordering glasses online.

You enter your prescription and your pupillary distance. (The pupillary distance, abbreviated PD, is the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil. It’s as necessary as your prescription to get glasses online.)

The website you’re ordering from reads these items then recommends a lens for your eyeglasses.

How does it know which lens is right for you?

Here’s how. Each optical lens, from standard index to high index, from single vision to multifocal, accommodates a particular prescription range.

Let’s take a look at the various prescription lenses optical retailers offer, the various prescription types, and the prescriptions within those types the lenses cover.

The two broad prescription categories are single vision and multifocal. Multifocal prescriptions consist of bifocals and progressives.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are corrected according to the numbers in the Sphere (SPH) section of a prescription. Single-vision prescriptions for nearsightedness can be filled up to -20.00, for farsightedness up to +12.00.

If you have an astigmatism, this will be indicated on your prescription by numbers in the Cylinder (CYL) and Axis (sometimes abbreviated “X”) fields. For single-vision prescriptions, meaning those with no numbers in the Near-Vision Reading ADDition section (NV-ADD or just ADD), Prescriptions in the CYL section can be filled up to + or – 6.00. The numbers in the Axis or X section just refer to the angle at which the CYL, an actual cylinder that’s invisible to the wearer, is placed on the lens.

A tiny portion of eyeglasses wearers have prism corrections on their prescription. These can be filled for single-vision (not multifocal) prescriptions up to 5.00 in any base direction (base up, base down, base in, or base out).

For people who have numbers in the NV-ADD section of their prescription and want to get the type of multifocal glasses known as bifocals, which are eyeglasses with a lined reading-addition segment at the bottom of the lens, prescriptions for nearsightedness can be filled up to -9.00 and for farsightedness up to +6.00. You can go up to +3.50 on the NV-ADD.

The type of multifocal eyeglasses known as progressives are glasses with no visible line between the three different focal segments, which are distance (driving and watching TV) vision at the top of the lens, intermediate (computer) vision at the middle of the lens, and near (reading) vision at the bottom of the lens.

Prescriptions can be filled with higher corrections for progressives than for bifocals. Most progressives go up to -10.00 for nearsightedness and up to +8.00 for farsightedness. Just like with bifocals or single-vision glasses, the CYL correction goes up to + or – 6.00. And just like with bifocals, the NV-ADD goes up to +3.50.

Here are the specific single-vision lenses, with the prescriptions they accommodate.

For the mildest of single-vision prescriptions, those ranging from -2.00 to +1.00 or lower on the SPH and +/- 2.00 or lower on the CYL, the recommended lens is the 1.50 standard-index lens.

This … Read More

Computer Profession in Career Astrology

Astrology is no doubt a Vedic science by which one person can get a clear picture of his life if the analysis and calculations are taken into consideration in right means. Accurate employment probabilities are calculated by an efficient astrologer by carefully observing ones horoscope.

Factors responsible for computer profession

· Ascendant: general physical and mental abilities of the native

· 2nd house: significator of higher education, communication and speaking

· 3rd house: distance communication and transmission

· 5th house: intelligence and competition

· 7th house: business and service sector

· 10th house: main significator of profession and means of live hood of the native

· 11th house: income

· Rahu [dragon head]: signifier of electronics

· Mercury: significator of calculations, accountancy, statistics and mathematics

Venus: learning, expert mathematician,

· Saturn: stands for machinery

Jupiter: highly educated, learned and, ambitious

Different combination for computer profession

Jupiter in trine / quadrant, Venus is powerful and Mercury in the 2nd, the native will definitely opts for the computer profession

Jupiter in trine/quadrant, either Venus or mercury is exalted, the native will select computer line as profession

· Mars is posited in 2nd and aspected by benefit planets or Mars and moon combined in 2nd, the native will get a job in computer field.

· Rahu in 2nd, indicates computer education

· Jupiter is powerful and influencing 3rd/4th/6th/10th houses

· Mercury and Venus related in healthy way

Horoscope of Bill Gates [28/10/1955]

Ascendant –Gemini; Jupiter — 3rd house; Mars and Mercury -4th; Sun, Venus and Saturn — 5th; Rahu– 6th; Moon — 10th; Chief — 12th.

Lord of ascendant Mercury is exalted and aspecting 10th,

Jupiter as 7th lord is aspecting 7th

· Lord of 9th [fate] Saturn is exalted and associated with Venus [the lord of 5th, indicates intellect and basic education] and Sun [the lord of 3rd, indicates communication and transmission].… Read More

Online Training Options for Computer Education

Computers perform multiple functions everyday that propel the technological aspects of life forward. Online banking, storing information, and receiving an e-mail are just a few areas that computer use can be seen. Online accredited schools that offer computer education prepare students to enter a variety of careers after successfully completing training.

Online education in computers is a great way to learn the procedures and programs that are used inside the professional industry. With training options available online, students can continue to work and attend school. Students will find many available options for their desired educational level. Available online training includes:

  • Certificate Programs
  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees
  • PhD Degrees

Students learn specific areas of their chosen field at each level. Associates and bachelors degree programs lay a strong foundation and graduate programs provide students with advanced concepts. Through specific study, students can enter a broad range of careers from entry-level to teaching. Certificate programs can be gained before degree training or after, meaning that some careers only require a certificate for work. Students may also complete certificate programs after schooling and while working in order to learn a new technology or to refresh themselves on a topic. Education is essential in this industry for both the competitive and knowledge components. Some major areas that students can find online degree programs in may include:

  • Computer Information Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Software Engineering

Students learn to work with computers in multiple areas, which includes understanding how to create, repair, design, and implement different programs and systems. The field of interest for students determines what they will accomplish when they enter a career. For example, a student that enters a computer technology online program will learn how to repair and manage computers. Installing, supporting, and troubleshooting systems are the main areas that will be addressed in an online program. Certificate and associates degree programs are the general requirement for a career.

Another popular area of ​​the field is software engineering. Students can enter education at all levels and learn to develop and maintain computers along with the software used to run them. In an associate’s degree program students learn fundamental knowledge on different operating systems and computer technology. Programming languages, interface design, and quality assurance are areas that are explored in more advanced training at the bachelor’s degree level. Graduate education online trains students for management and teaching careers.

Computer education is a vast field and students can study its many faces through online education. Students can begin training for the future by researching their chosen field and knowing what educational requirements there are for their desired career. Fully accredited programs provide proof that they can offer students the best quality education they deserve and desire. Agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( ) are approved to accredited qualifying schools and colleges. Students can enter the computer industry today by completing an accredited degree program.… Read More