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Can You Believe That? Daydreaming Affects Vision Correction

There are too many people who find ways to improve eyesight, but there are few who spend time on how to prevent themselves from eyesight problems. And that, when they think about improving their eyesight, natural therapies are not usually the first thing that occurs to them and most of them will make an immediately turn to their eye doctor. And even if they realize the natural improvement of eyesight, they are not aware that improper exercise affects vision correction as well.

Whereas, can you believe that, daydreaming affects vision correction. Everyone is believed to daydream often, or even everyday. It is a chemical feeling to dream something that makes you happy, but while you are enjoying the process of daydreaming, your eye muscles are strained.

The point is that how daydreaming achieves to affect vision correction.

Eye muscle, like any other muscle in our bodies, if not developed will atrophy and if you want to maximize its effectiveness, certain exercises concerning eye muscles should be done, but if improper exercise will contribute to side effect. As you are daydreaming, your eyes are widely open and focus on two different two things at the same time. During this process, a message is sent by eyes to the brain, which in turn send messages to the eyes. The message sent by the eyes contains the images they see while the messages sent by the brain is what it believes the eyes are focusing on.

This must be a little bit inexplicable. Let’s look this example which is believed to help understand. An officer worker is sitting before a computer with eyes staring at the data on the computer screen while his mind is all about the beautiful landscape yesterday when he was riding his bike on the way to the countryside. At this time, the office worker is straining his eye muscle to focus on both images. Although we are not aware of what is happening, clear vision habits do not include focusing on multiple, non-related images at the same time.

Does it mean we can not daydream any more so as to preserve normal eyesight? No. A more possible way is to daydream with eyes closed. Although it sounds ridiculous, it will contribute greatly to enhance eye health and to get rid of eyeglasses and contact lenses and eye surgeries.

Therefore, my aim here is to remind people of this issue so that they can know more about how to maintain natural eye correction. If you want to lead a life without glasses or contacts, it is your responsibility to follow the tips.… Read More

4 Benefits of Using Wireless Charging

A wireless charging unit is a practical solution to charge multiple wireless devices in the home, in the car or in public places, such as restaurants and coffee shops. They are extremely easy to use and do not rely on connectors or cables to operate. There are several standards for this wireless technology. The most popular is called Qi, which is supported by the majority of the major brands. However, most of the phone manufacturers have created a suitable system to give a quick and easy method to charge the mobile devices.

Here are a few benefits of using the wireless charging unit:


Any device that is built to support this type of technology can be charged without the need to rely on the traditional cords. The phone, tablet, watch or similar device is simply placed on the charging station with no need to plug-in cords. Also, the changing station has the ability to charge many devices from different brands so there is no need to have a separate handy cord for charging individual items.

Safe way to transfer power

Wireless charging is seen as a safe way to transfer power and will not produce any kind of electric shock or spark. Also, they are designed to detect the amount of power needed for each device to avoid over charging.

Reduces strain on the charging port

An area of ​​the mobile device that experiences a high failure rate is the charging port. The repeated plugging in and unplugging of the cord can easily wear this part overtime.

Already installed in various places

There are plenty of food and coffee chains that have the Qi technology installed on their premises to give customers complete convenience to charge mobile devices. This is certain to be helpful when away from home and the battery power is starting to get a little low.

Are there any negatives

In addition to the wide-ranging benefits of using the wireless charging unit, it is also worth considering the negatives of using this type of technology.

A common issue noticed is the low power output, which is in the region of 5 watts. This is less efficient than a 2 amp plug, so the traditional method of using a wall socket may be the quickest option to get the phone fully charged. Also, the phone is still usable while being charged via a power cord, but this isn’t the same with a charging station. Once the phone is lifted from the station, the charging instantly stops. A further issue is the fact it is a newer technology, which means it is still more expensive to use.… Read More

AI Computers Test Human Upper End Thinking Ability

There is always a big debate between the future prospects of humans versus computers. But in reality it is humans which cause the conflicts in their realm – as they are the ones intimately involved of their society and civilization. Societies evolve much like a large organism increasing in complexity, creating problems, solving them, and self-healing, or they collapse. Such is the reality between simplicity and complexity, and we should expect that. Okay so, I’d like to talk to you for a moment about the future of artificial intelligence as it surpasses human abilities.

Now then I ask; should humans really fear artificial intelligence, or should they relish the fact that these machines and tools will help us do all we do better. Indeed, I would submit to you that the artificial intelligence is no good to humans unless it can solve human problems. It is the humans who create the problems, and these machines and tools along with the humans that use them will indeed mitigate future challenges and solve the problems of our time.

Today, we may not be noticing, but the reality is that it is the humans who are inadvertently programming the artificial intelligent computers of tomorrow. For instance, every time you search something on the Internet, or click on the “liked” button on Facebook, you are putting information into a giant system, and big data analytics will use these points of data in bettering the future delivery of content.

In that case, more apropos content will be delivered based on your preferences, and other discoveries made by humans that think in a similar way, along with some of the humans that think differently, but had intrigued people like you with their content choices. Yes, there are privacy issues, and humans would have to decide if they can get over those challenges.

And yes, I know what you are thinking, indeed there will be lamentable less-than-ethical people behind the big data using it to manipulate the masses in their voting behavior, buying behavior, and even attempt to steer society towards their vision of the world, which may not be yours, or ours, or in either of our best interests.

Still, there is a lot of upside here, and that’s the important part. If big data didn’t exist, or we didn’t have these tools, then the same unethical people would be using the printing press, government positions, or the mass media to do the same, after all they’ve been doing it all along. What about the question that the masses of society are dummying down due to social media, social networks, the regular media, and even our own authority-based education system? Yes, these are realities that we face, but let me give you a counter argument on the flip side, and explain perhaps a benefit that you hadn’t considered.

There was an interesting talk at the SXSW Conference titled; “Using Big Data Takes Machines & Humans,” where the speaker is Arnab Gupta of CEO/Founder of Opera Solutions. … Read More

Logistics Engineering

Logistics engineering mainly deals with the application of engineering methods to solve logistics problems. Logistics is the science of planning, organizing, and executing activities for delivering the required goods or services to the right location at the right time. Logistics engineering supports every stage of an activity to satisfy customer requirements.

Modern technologies, communication links, and control systems are essential to manage materials, services, and financial goals. Logistics engineering help to improvise new materials to suit the situation for a cost effective performance. Strategy management, research methodology, industrial engineering, supply chain management, quality assurance, and systems simulation and modeling are integrated in the logistics engineering field. This linking supports the functional area of ​​logistics such as procurement, maintenance, transportation, disposition, and distribution.

Asset tracking and e-logistics used in the field of logistics management increase the efficiency and reliability of the distribution process. The method to trace the status of ordered products increases confidence among the customers. Analytical models and computer simulations help to improve overall performances. The proper implementation of logistics engineering processes ensures operational reliability, less maintenance costs, personal safety, and customer confidence. Designing of new products with high quality and less cost is recommended in logistics engineering. Maintenance planning using modern technologies of troubleshooting and built-in test equipments aid in providing speedy and accurate maintenance services.

Automation of system helps to upgrade the production process. Implementation of industrial engineering in the logistics management increase quality and quantity of production. Manpower requirements are reduced due to logistics engineering and help to lower the cost of production too. This helps to assure business objectives globally. Logistics engineering help to rationalize the process of logistics services, improve customer satisfaction, and save budgets of business dealings.… Read More

What Is Computer Troubleshooting? Here Is Short Guide

The usage of the Internet not only provides you information and getting up to date rather it also poses you to security threat so it is of prime importance to stay assured of your personal computers security. If there is any threat that causes your system to malfunction you can always browse online for tips to troubleshoot your computer and make it healthy again by your own self instead of wasting your hard earned money for getting it done by professionals.

By taking small and basic steps you can ensure that your system is protected. Install anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall to stay protected. At the start when computers were invented the troubleshooting was not an easy task people spend lots of money to get it to keep going even if it needs a prick to work again. But with the passage of time computers emerged as reliable machines and became a vital part of daily life. Moreover, the rise of Internet and accessibility to information easily now common users can perform basic tasks to troubleshoot their computers all by themselves.

It’s your assignment and you have all in mind you just need to write the report but “duh” I switched on my Personal computer many times but it is not working. What to do? There are perhaps multiple reasons why your machine has ditched you but you can always check to fix it if the problem is minor in nature. Check the outlet if the plug is correctly inserting try running another electrical device from the same outlet to ensure its working or supplying power. Now my central processing unit is running but what happened to my monitor the screen is not visible and the power button is not blinking.

Check that all sockets are correctly inserted and power is supplied to it through CPU. If the power button is on and the screen is blank perhaps there is something wrong with your display of images. You perhaps need to get professional help or need to repair or install new video card to run it properly again. If the windows beta software is causing problems and giving error messages or shuts down unexpectedly.

Restart your system, scan your computer by running the anti-virus that has proved effective in past. If the problem still persists format your personal computer and reinstall windows from the recoverable compact disk. If there is any problem with running external device try updating the drivers after installing them correctly. Make sure they are compatible with the platform and plugged in correctly If the computer is moving with tortoise speed you need to clean the hard drives, cache, de-fragment the disks, scan your system occasionally, clean the registries and free your desktop from unused icons.

Perhaps increasing the size of physical RAM is also useful. If your Internet is working slowly attach the cables properly, make sure the firewall is not blocking the required application if so, change the settings and unblock the applications. Do clean your … Read More