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What is the Difference Between Compiling and Debugging?

Debugging:-Computer programmers, like everybody else, are not perfect. This means the programs they write sometimes have small errors, called “bugs,” in them. These bugs can be minor, such as not recognizing user input, or more serious, such as a memory leak that crashes the program. Before releasing their software to the public, programmers “debug” their programs, eliminating as many errors as possible. This debugging process often takes a long time, as fixing some errors may introduce others.

Compiling:-When programmers create software programs, they first write the program in source code, which is written in a specific programming language, such as C or Java. These source code files are saved in a text-based, human-readable format, which can be opened and edited by programmers. However, the source code cannot be run directly by the computer. In order for the code to be understood by the computer’s CPU, it must be compiled into an executable program.

Most software development programs include a compiler, which compiles source code files into machine code. This code, sometimes referred to as object code, can be executed directly by the computer’s processor. Therefore, the resulting application is often referred to as an executable file. Windows executable files have a .EXE file extension, while Mac OS X programs have .APP extension, which is often hidden.

So the conclusion is a compiled program may have errors or bugs but not a successfully debugged program cannot have any.

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Machine Vision Systems: Basic Things to Know

A machine vision system is based on a technology that uses imaging-based inspection for a variety of applications like robot guidance, process control, and automatic inspection, just to name a few. Actually, machine vision involves a lot of technologies, expertise, methods, actions, integrated systems, hardware products, and software to name a few. Let’s find out more about it.

There is a difference between computer vision and machine vision. Basically, this system tries to create an integration between current technologies in fresh ways and implement them in order to resolve real world problems.

The machine vision process involves planning the project details and then finding solutions. And the process begins with imaging and moves towards the automated analysis of the required information like images.

Imaging based Inspection

Primarily, the visual inspection machines are used for image-based inspection and robot guidance. The first step involves the image acquisition, which is taken using lighting, lenses and cameras.

MV software programs are used in combination with digital image processing for the extraction of required information.


The typical parts of an automated inspection system include output devices, software, image processors, camera and lighting.


The imaging device can be part of the unit or may work independently. If it is part of the machine, it is known as the smart sensor or smart camera. When it’s used as a separate unit, the connection is made to the intermediate hardware, a frame grabber or a processing appliance.

Although traditional imaging is also used in machine vision systems, other alternatives are also quite common, such as x-ray imaging, 3D imaging, line scan imaging, hyper spectral imaging, and multispectral imaging.

While most of the visual inspection systems use 2D imaging, many of them also use 3D imaging. In fact, the 3D imaging-based systems are getting more popular with time. The most common 3D imaging method involves triangulation, which is based on scanning.

In this scanning, a laser is shot onto the object surface and seen from a quite different angle. Moreover, in the case of a visual inspection machine, you can achieve this through a scanning motion of the camera.

Lines from more than one scan are combined into a point cloud or depth map. In special cases, stereoscopic vision is implemented, especially when unique features are found in both views of cameras.

Other visual inspection systems are grid or time of light based. For instance, the grid array oriented system makes use of a pseudorandom structured system of light.

Image Processing

Once an image is captured, it goes through processing. Generally, the processing is done in more than one stages. Typically, the sequence starts with many tools like filters that change the image. After that, the extraction of data and objects is done. Next, the data is communicated and compared against different target values ​​for creating the desired results.

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The Importance of Blue Light Glasses for Kids

We are surrounded by blue light no matter where we go. This is the light that gives the blue color to the sky. The same light is emitted by the screens of the mobile phones and tablets when your kid plays his favorite games. Now, the question is, does this light cause harm to the eyes of your kids? Should you buy blue light glasses for your kids? We are going to answer these questions in this article. Read on to know more.

If you worry about the health of your kids, we suggest that you don’t allow them to use their smartphones all day. Instead, you should help them follow the popular 20/20 rule. This rule is quite simple and beneficial. Just ask your kids to look 20 feet away from the screen for at least 20 seconds after they have spent 10 minutes starring at their phone or tablet screens.

Another alternative is to buy protective glasses. They offer a great degree of protection. Plus, they don’t cost a lot of money.

In case you don’t know, blue light is a visible light that features shorter wavelengths and a high level of energy unlike other wavelengths. Given below are some common sources of this wavelength:

  • Sunlight

  • Smartphones, tablets and computer screens

  • TV screens

  • LED lights

  • Fluorescent lights

Although we don’t have strong evidence to suggest that this wavelength can cause damage to your kids’ eyes, we can’t take risk as there could be long-term side effects.

How do the Glasses offer Protection for their Eyes?

Spending a few minutes in the sun is healthy for your kids. As a matter of fact, a little bit of regular exposure to the sun can help your kids reduce their risk for developing myopia.

Although some sun is good for human eyes and body, excessive exposure may cause retinal damage over the long haul. According to research studies, kids are at a higher risk of retina damage due to constant exposure to blue light.

Moreover, prolonged exposure to this wavelength for years after years can cause visions problems after the age of 30. For instance, the exposure to UV light is associated with age-related macular degeneration. This condition may result in vision loss.

Screen Time for Children

Kids are more exposed to blue light when they are outside. However, if your kids spend most of their time looking at computer screens, they may suffer from digital eyestrain, aka computer vision syndrome. Given below are some common symptoms of this condition in kids:

  • Poor posture

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Eye tiredness

  • dry eyes

  • Vision changes

Aside from these, there are other risks of prolonged exposure to this type of light. Therefore, we suggest that you take proper measures to save the eyesight of your kids.

The Takeaway

If you are worried about your kids’ eyesight, we suggest that you buy them a good pair of blue light sunglasses. This is the only easiest way to ensure the safety of your kids’ health.… Read More

2020 Estimated Computer Network Cabling Cost of Installing

The demand for wireless networks is growing rapidly and there is a huge advancement of it. For reliable and super-fast networks, computer network cabling is one of the best options. For individuals or businesses that are looking for a superior network for their business or house, a hardwired network is a right solution.

If you are looking for first-class stability and a high-speed network, then a hardwired computer network will help you. You must be thinking that routers are one of the best approaches for uploads and downloads; nevertheless, nothing can be compared to computer cabling. Furthermore, a designed PC network offers extreme superior security conventions than what’s as of now accessible for remote innovation, settling on it the ideal decision for any individual who needs a protected, solid, fast organization that isn’t helpless before restricted innovation.

Different types of hardwired computer networks:

Basically, there are 4 types of hardwired networks in computer and they are Cat5e cable, Cat 6 cable, Cat 7, and optical fiber cable. In order to install these network cables, there are installation costs that compromise labor service and materials handling. The total installation cost depends on the room size and how many data points are going to be included.

Understanding computer network cabling cost

If you are wondering what would be the 2020 Estimated Computer Network Cabling Cost of Installing, then here below is a detailed approach. This network cabling cost depends on the average square feet of the house. Well, it entirely depends on the contractor and the density of the installation procedure. Different hardwired computer networks have different price tags; hence, before installing you need to do research. A freshly installed CAT-6 cable may cost you within $3,600 USD per 2,000 feet. Installing an optical cable network may cost you within $5000 to $6000.

Hours to Spend on Network Cabling Installation

The installation course is variable since it includes running links, introducing fundamental equipment and embellishments, arranging the organization, making sure about links, and different components that fluctuate altogether starting with one employment then onto the next. Accordingly, while one task may just take 30 hours, as current organization segments are now set up, a spic and span business establishment of a similar type may take as long as fifty hours because of the extra work included.

Keep in mind that bigger homes will require longer network links. This implies that you can wind up spending a lot more. Other than that, there are different gadgets, for example, a printer, surveillance cameras, video doorbells, or other IoT gadgets that may require a network association. This implies that you should include extra ports notwithstanding more long stretches of work.

The best way is to compare cost online

Well, one of the best ways to know about computer network cabling costs is by visiting cost comparison websites. Undoubtedly, cost comparison websites will help you to find the appropriate network cabling cost which goes as per your requirements.

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Top Reasons Why Your Computer Might Be Running Slow

The internet has become a major factor in today’s generation. Almost everything can now be done with the internet. The World Wide Web allows easy and convenient ways to communicate allowing you to socialize, find a job or new business opportunity, study conveniently from your home, and a lot more. Due to these many benefits a lot of people own computers to they can take advantage of all the above listed activities and more! The demands from your computer system are increasing by the year which results in the need to have a fast computer. If you have owned your system for a while then you might have noticed it slowing down, not to worry as we will go over the causes and fixes of a slow computer right now.

There are circumstances that might create problems in your computer and in return will affect your daily routine, which is a major pain that everyone wants to avoid. One problem that a lot of computer user had experience is slow speed computer performance. There are lots of reasons why a system might be running a lot slower than when you first purchased the PC and listed below are some of the many causes.

Unnecessary Startup Programs

Every computer contains numerous programs which automatically run whenever you start your computer. Some of them are useful while some are not required as soon as you start up your system. Unnecessary programs that continuously run on your system can lead to poor speed and performance of your system. However, you can get rid of those programs by customizing your startup system. All you need to do is to use MSCONFIG and remove all unnecessary programs running at startup.

System Errors

There are times that a system error occurs without you knowing it and your PC will try to fix it on its own. Once this problem occurs you can only wonder what’s wrong with your computer. To avoid this trouble, it is highly recommended to always do a regular maintenance to your drives. By using the built in Check Disk tool on your system you will be able to determine if your computer has a system error, even if it was not presented to you. Check Disk will scan you drives and fix any threats or problems.

Unwanted Files or Junk Files

This is another problem that can cause your system to run a lot slower than when you initially got it. Keeping some files that do not have any value to you anymore will only waste your hard drive space. So, it is best to check all your folders for useless files and delete them to free up some computer space. This new empty space will allow you to access the files you need in a quicker and more responsive manner.


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