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10 Streams Which Will Promise You a Great Career in Engineering

The production of Engineers is huge in India. There are lakhs of youngsters stepping out of Engineering colleges every year with different degrees. Is every one getting a job? And the answer is “NO” lot of Engineering graduates end up landing jobs in BPO’s, marketing, finance, digital marketing etc. This is mostly because of lack of skills students failing to adapt the right stream for their career in Engineering.

Even though there are multiple streams in Engineering only some of them have great scope all the time. Choosing a particular stream can be challenging. Just analyze your capability and interest and choose your group carefully which pays you.

The following are the 10 streams which will promise you a great career in Engineering.


Electronic engineering is the branch which will guarantee a promising career in Engineering. This branch has a huge demand and great job opportunities in the market. Scoring 90% in your academics is not enough you to land a Job. To be a fortunate Electrical engineer you have to be creative and innovative in designing and creating advanced the logic circuits.

Now and in Future Electronics Engineering is going to be a great option to choose. You just have to be passionate and creative.


The job role for Software engineers is to write programs for different applications this may be for system and application programs as well. To be a Successful software engineer you have to build great knowledge in various computer languages.

To land a good job as a fresher you have to be really great in programming. The present market for IT Employees is good but this is going to be more exiting in the future.


It is perhaps the ancient group of engineering. Civil engineers have the enormous responsibility of creating well-planned cities. To bag a job as Civil Engineer you must hold the degree in civil engineering. You have to gain knowledge regarding designing and architecture as your job is to design new buildings.

The scope is good in civil engineering. The demand for civil engineers is going to be more in future and the reason is urbanization of the country.


The demand for electrical engineers is going to be stable. Electronical engineering is also the old and evergreen branch. As an electrical engineer your responsibilities would be designing, supervising, testing and developing the equipments.


The Nuclear Engineer will be responsible for designing, maintaining and monitoring the power plants and nuclear reactors. For this you need attain a degree in nuclear engineering and you have to be passionate about nuclear physics.

The Employment scope in nuclear engineering is not impressive in the present period. But in future as the energy demand increases in our country the demand for nuclear engineers will also be high.


The job of the petroleum Engineer is tough. You have to be always ready to go to the inhospitable places and perform drilling the harsh areas. You need to have a chemical engineering degree … Read More

Exercise Tracking Devices: A Lifelong Exerciser Gives One a Try and Comes Away Impressed


There are three kinds of adopters to modern exercise gadgets–early adopters, non-adopters and slacker adopters. One of the most popular exercise gadgets during my long lifetime, besides the 50’s rollerskates that tightened with a key, first appeared around 2007. That would be the Fitbit. This device is a big hit–the company has sold over 100 million devices to more than 28 million people. I was a non-adopter, until very recently. I was all for anything that got people moving, but I personally didn’t recognize the value of a device for motivating or tracking activity. Being into exercise, fitness and varied endurance forms of athletic competitions, I poo pooed, scoffed at and dismissed tracking movements as a distraction and a nuisance. I exercised almost daily for eight-plus decades and can’t recall wishing I had an activity tracker.


However, after discovering that my health insurance company would provide a $160 tracking device for free, I decided to give the contraption a go.

Voila! After one day or two wearing this attractive, comfortable and impressive handy dandy Fitbit Versa Lite marvel of modern technology, I became a slacker adopter no more.

A Fitbit is one of many step-tracker products, usually worn on the wrist like a watch. If you are anywhere near my age cohort, the device might initially remind you of the Dick Tracy 2-way wrist radio. If so, forgetaboutit! We’ve come a long way from Dick Tracy’s whiz bang comic book tool. That 1931 watch is a Bronze Age predecessor compared with the artificially intelligent/space age/ Large Hadron Collider (LHC)-worthy Fitbit.

Not everyone, however, benefits from more exercise. In fact, high test Superperson-like athletes who engage in wondrous feats of endurance might benefit from an anti-step, reverse Fitbit device that motivates, tracks and rewards non-exercise! This would be useful during periods where in athletes benefit from not taking unnecessary steps, or even standing up when they could be lying down, restoring their exhausted bodies for the grueling ordeal of competition of each new day’s demands.


This applies to riders in the three week Tour de France. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, walking or otherwise being up and about when not cycling is practically heresy for Tour riders. They need rest between stages. These endurance wunderkinder endure 21 brutal stages over the course of 2,164 miles, including mountain climbs. They fixate on conserving energy when not on their bikes; they don’t come close to 10,000 steps in total over the course of the entire race. (Source: Joshua Robinson, How to Exhaust a Tour de France Racer: Ask Him to Take a Walk, Wall Street Journal, September 17, 2020.)

In one of his many wins (all forfeited for cheating), Lance Armstrong rode 2,232 miles over the course of the Tour in 86 hours, 15 minutes and 02 seconds-clocking an average speed of 25.9 mph. Can you imagine the atta-boy congratulatory badges a Fitbit would have lavished upon him for a feat like that? Alas, Read More

Computer Programming Basics – Getting Started the Easy Way

A computer program is made up of a chain of instructions a computer has to perform. These instructions may come with other important data that’s needed to carry out those instructions. Hence, the process of programming involves the defining of the instructions and the data. For you to come up with data for your computer, you should be familiar with computer programming basics and the datas three fundamental elements:

1. Instructions that need to be carried out.

2. Order in which the instructions are to be carried out.

3. Data needed to do the instructions.

The first stage of computer programming basically involves paper processes. In this phase, you don’t even need to work using a computer, however if you use a word processor that will enable you to write your work to a disk file rather than in a piece of paper. You need to do this so you can figure out clearly and more specifically, what you want your computer to perform before you begin to instruct the computer to execute it.

Bear in mind that the computer will follow the instructions exactly as given. It can’t say what you want; it can rather do what you want it to do. So before your program comes close to a computer, you need to do several steps which include:

– Defining the problem

Before you instruct the computer what to do, you must first be familiar with it. You need to clearly tell the computer what it needs to accomplish or to generate as the outcome of all the activities it will perform.

– Identifying the solution

If you already know what the computer will produce as an end result, you should take a close look at the information you have, and determine the information that you require. There’s also a need for you to define the logical procedures, equations, and other methods you have to utilize so you can manipulate the raw input data into the end result you want to achieve.

– Mapping the solution

This stage in computer programming has to be laid out in proper order. Don’t forget that the sequence in which actions are used is as vital as the actions themselves. When organizing the solution into the right order, you will be putting choices into consideration.

When you’re done defining the problem as well as designing and mapping the solution, the next thing you need to do is to begin with the task of writing the program code into one or a couple of computer language(s). But before you proceed, you must first decide on the possible languages ​​you need to use as well as the particular computer platform.

Usually, computer languages ​​are optimized for various kinds of tasks. It is, hence, important to select first the language that will best suit the task required. Indeed, learning computer programming basics is the first step a wannabe programmer has to arm himself with, especially if he wants to pursue a career in the said … Read More

Avast Cleanup Review – A Computer Cleanup & Optimization Program That Really Works

Since the time that computers became mainstream, consumers have been looking for ways to speed them up. Whether you’re a business user or a regular PC user, you’d probably like to know how to clean up your machine and get it working better and faster. A lot of programs and tools have promised to do just that over the years, but most have been completely useless – if not outright malware or spyware. Fortunately, there is Avast Cleanup. It really DOES deliver as promised.

Avast, of course, is not a new company. It’s been one of the biggest names in computer security for years now. Its antivirus products have always been considered by experts as among the best. Now, it offers this helpful premium tool to help optimize PC performance.

It can be very irritating to see that you are running out of disk space. Instead of having to decide on which programs to uninstall, you can just use this Cleanup tool to remove tons of leftover junk files from applications, browsers, and Windows itself. There are literally hundreds of popular applications that it is programmed to remove useless junk from.

There are a variety of features such as Sleep Mode, which is a patented tune-up method that involves putting all resource-draining programs into hibernation to help your computer feel brand new again. The Browser Cleaner removes leftover cookies and browsing traces from every browser possible, including IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Additional Avast Cleanup Features & Tools

• Shortcut cleaner

• Disk cleaner

• 1-click maintenance

• Registry cleaner

• Tuning dashboard & action center

• Bloatware removal

The Premium is available for 1, 2, or 3 years for 1, 3, 5, or 10 PCs. There is an option to include Avast Driver Updater and/or Avast SecureLine VPN (multi-device) to the order.

The good news is that you don’t have to order Premium right away, as a free trial is available to download, install, and try.

Keep in mind that Avast Cleanup is VERY thorough. It is programmed to analyze and clean up various parts of your computer: internet caches, old downloads, temporary files, memory dumps, unused cookies, and even Chkdsk file fragments. It’s surprising at how much data all of this can add up to. When there is ample room on the hard drive disk, it’s easier for the PC to perform better and faster.

It’s recommended that you make full use of the free trial period of Avast Cleanup. Test out all of its features to ensure that it really cleans out your computer and gives it a good “tuning”.

If you’re satisfied and decide that it’s for you, take advantage of Avast Cleanup discounts and deals so that you can get it at a really affordable price. It’s always easy to get Avast products without spending much money thanks to all of the promotional offers.… Read More

Build a Successful Career by Attending the Best Engineering Colleges

Being the second largest profession in the US, engineering is highly popular amongst students as a career choice. Education in an engineering discipline involves a lot of hard work, besides developing a person’s ability to think logically and solve problems. The profession involves the acquisition and application of technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design materials, structures, machines, devices, systems and processes to achieve a particular objective. North America boasts some of the best engineering colleges in the world. These colleges offer various graduate and masters courses in a variety of sub disciplines of engineering, including aerospace, chemical, civil, mechanical and electrical. In recent years, several new disciplines of engineering, such as computer engineering, software engineering, nanotechnology, nuclear, molecular, industrial, environmental, petroleum and food processing have emerged and gained importance.

Engineering Colleges: Courses Available

A broad discipline, engineering can be broken down into several sub disciplines related to various areas of application. The duration of a bachelor’s degree in engineering is generally four to five years and the eligibility for it is good grades in mathematics and science. A master’s degree in engineering requires an additional year of study. Several engineering colleges and universities in the US offer full time courses as well as distance learning programs.

Some of top engineering colleges in the US are:

* Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is known for its research prowess

* Stanford University, California is known for its close ties with the industry

University of California – Berkeley has produced several top researchers and scientists.

* Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the best core engineering schools in the US

The University of Illinois is consistently ranked amongst the top five engineering colleges in the US

* California Institute of Technology offers several programs in Aeronautics, Applied & Computation Mathematics, Applied Mechanics, Physics, Bioengineering etc

* Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh offers master’s and doctor’s degree in several fields. including Biomechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil and environmental engineering.

* Cornell University, New York is highly regarded as the engineering community..

In addition to these universities and colleges, several other renowned engineering colleges like University of Texas, University of California, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, University of Maryland, Princeton University offer courses in the various forms of engineering.… Read More