Take your message everywhere

Brands today understand that they need to connect with people in some way to achieve more sales. To do this, brands create messages that address social issues. A custom Instax film can become a tool to help you spread the message. The first thing you need to do is to design a marketing strategy that includes social media. People need to know what it’s all about. You have to get the message across little by little. The idea is to turn the instant photo frame into a kind of “certificate” where people who receive it feel that they are part of that message. Your goal as a company is to create a movement that motivates your customers. That connection should be related to the type of product you sell.

Take your message everywhere

Include a hash tag in your message

There are certain things that people do without even needing instruction about what they should do. This is the case with the use of hash tags. This is why you should include a “#” followed by a phrase without spaces in your custom Instax film. People know that this is done to create an online movement. Because they want to be part of that movement, either for others to see that they are there or to see who others are: they will post on their social networks. They will then take a picture with your instant photo frame showing the part where the hash tag is written. Make sure your brand logo is visible in the same part where you have placed the hash tag to take advantage of this type of exposure. It is a way to get publicity without investing money.

Design the instant photo frame to make it stand out

Colors are known to play an important psychological role for people. Marketing experts know that choosing the right color can increase the chances of success. Custom Instax films should be designed with this in mind. It’s not about making something “pretty”. It’s about making an impact on people and getting the message you want to convey with your brand across too many more people. Use designs that are out of the ordinary, the kind of designs that don’t follow the rules. The idea is to create an instant photo frame that breaks with any kind of guidelines. This is something that people like, so they can get out of the routine and do something completely different. That’s what you should make them feel when they come to your event.