The Vision Improvement Benefits Of Flutter Blinking For Dry Eye

Whether or not you are a college student or a workplace professional, activities related to excessive close up work on the computer are likely an integral part of your daily life. For example, staring at computer screens for prolonged periods of time discourages blinking. Staring leads to eye problems related to dry eye. If you are looking for a healthy natural alternative to relieve dry eye, a certain eye exercise technique involving fast blinking is a helpful natural remedy for this problem. An example of such a blinking eye exercise is called Flutter Blinking.

Here is a detailed description of how to perform the Flutter Blinking Technique: you can perform this technique by first keeping your eyes open and while your eyes are open, inhale deeply. Then, exhale and while you are exhaling you are going to blink your eyes at a rapid pace. It is beneficial to do at least 7 to 10 repetitions at a time.

Even though this technique may seem very simple and easy this doesn’t mean that it is not effective. It actually works really well when practiced regularly. You can easily fit this routine in by practicing it at different intervals at your computer work desk as you take regular breaks from your close up work.

Here are some of the benefits of this blinking technique:

1 Relieves Dry Eye: This technique increases the eye’s natural tear production therefore having a lubricating effect on the eyes. This helps in providing a natural remedy for dry eye.

2 Improve Eyesight: It increases your natural eyesight due to the fact that one of the keys to improving vision naturally is to relieve stress, tension and eye strain from the eyes. Due to the fact that it serves this purpose it benefits the visual system by increasing eyesight.

3 Relieves Eye Strain: It has a soothing effect on the eye muscles which also makes it an effective remedy for relieving eye strain when practiced on a regular basis.

Activities involving lots of close up work on the computer decreases blinking significantly; an activity that can lead to staring which in turn causes dry eye symptoms. The flutter blinking technique is an eye relaxation exercise involving fast blinking that can relieve dry eye naturally. Ultimately, the practice of this technique not only produces natural moisture in the eyes, but it has a soothing and relaxing effect on the eye muscles, thereby relieving dry eye and improving eyesight naturally.