Threats From Spyware

Do you get annoyed with the banner ads displaying on your computer while browsing the internet? This banner ads are displayed thanks to a software called spyware. To some this banner ads do not bother them at all, but in the background (they banner ads) makes one’s computer slow. Then there are spyware that changes your browsing capability, by redirecting your searches, thus controlling the results ‘you see. This is just the start, there are spyware that alters your registry, making your computer hijacked by some hacker.

Spyware are also employed by online fraudsters for identity theft. This software has the capability to gather all the user information such as banking password, credit card information, PIN# etc…, and are designed for capturing your banking information, and runs only when you visit a banking site, and monitors all the information that you type in. They are also designed to use modem to make use of dial up connection long distance calls, leaving the poor user to pay the bills.

The first line of defense against spyware is the firewall. Firewall acts as a vanguard against any potential threat coming to you or to your family while they are on the internet. Firewall stops hackers, intruders, and online predators to penetrate inside your computer, thus acting as a barrier between your family and the internet. Though there are spyware available that changes ones firewall settings and intelligent enough that when you try to remove it, they stop you doing it.

All the above mentioned threats are real, they can not only make ones system unusable (though that’s not its primary intent), but also takes ones computer resource, gathers all the information about one, such as users surfing habits, credit card and banking information . They Are If are also used heavily by hackers and crackers to perform their devious crime against your name namely identity theft.